Step 4: Re-assemble and Huzzah!

Picture of Re-assemble and Huzzah!
Put all your clean and repaired parts back together, along with the partially recharged batteries. (You can try to fill in the gaps with something if you want to prevent bugs from getting in).
Then Stick your finger over the Light Dependent resistor (usually next to the solar panel) and turn it on. Does the LED light up? Hooray! :) Congratulations on fixing your old light. Now just stick it back in your garden and enjoy it's glowy goodness.

If it doesn't work, you better go back to step 1... :(

Watch this space for more tutorials from Rhodesy.
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diane.gasaway4 months ago

paxdonnaverde could try cannibalizing an inexpensive solar lamp.

digerdo21 year ago
Just what I needed. Do you know where I can get spare parts for these kind of lights.
The small cover over the led on one of mine is broken and needs to be replaced.
Does Home Depot carry these kind of batteries? or Battery Charger?

I have a very nice metal lantern-style solar light and am unable to repair the circuitry. Does anyone know where I could purchase just the solar panel/light assembly without buying a whole new fixture?

If not, this could be a good business product for some of you techies.