How to Repair Broken Eyeshadow





Introduction: How to Repair Broken Eyeshadow

First, let me notice about source of this article How to repair damaged eyeshadow .

 Lets try on this broken eyeshadow palette which has 2 damaged shadows.

Step 1:

Step 1. Break up blister with a pencil into dust. 

Step 2:

Step 2. Apply alcohol on it from sprayer or dropper. Eyeshadow dust must be wet but without pools.

Step 3:

Step 3. Take coin of proper diameter and wrap it into dry clean fabric.

Step 4:

Step 4. Press it on eyeshadow during about 30 sec.

Step 5:

Step 5. Let it dry.

Step 6:

Step 6. Clean palette from dust.

Step 7:

Step 7. Repair second blister on this way. You see - it's almost new!:)

Step 8:

See before and after.



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    1 Questions

    What do you mean by alcohol? What type?

    I think it's rubbing alcohol. But I'm not sure.


    My sister used nail polish remover to fix my Victoria secret eye shadow.. It works but i have not used it yet. Kinda afraid to damage my eyes.

    I got a leftover broken eyeshadow palette from my older sister and this helped me fix it up so i could actually use all of the colors!

    wish i knew this when my Ben Eye make up broke. it make me sad to throw out

    I wonder... Would this work on blush? After moving my blush around several times, it has become so broken that it's almost difficult to apply. So if I had a larger press, would it work? Wonderful Instructable, though! I love it!

    I did this about ten years ago, but had forgotten about it. thank you SO very much for posting this! P.S. You can mix eyeshadow with a little Vaseline to make a pretty eyeliner. ❤

    I love this :) I actually have had some special ones break on me so I started doing a version of this myself that uses alcohol to help pack them in tightly. This will also allow you to add a variety of textures to the top. You can see my tutorial here:


    This is so smart!

    Disco! Simple and free this trick works I quickly repaired a $40 Smashbox Shimmer yesterday. I was trying to figure out how to mist alcohol onto the powder when I saw my nail brush on the sink. I dried out my sink and placed the broken compact in the sink, poured alcohol on scrub brush, and with a pencil slowly moved from the bottom to top of scrub brush and just enough alcohol misted the loose powder. I cut a paper towel to a manageable size and placed it over my misted compact. I found that my vitamin bottle, upside-down, was a perfect fit to press the powder, and made this an fast easy task. Thanks so much for this tip!

    I have some water paints that are broken... do you think this would work for those?

    Guess what happened a week after i read this instructable? my brand new blush fell onto the floor and cracked to the point of uselessness Now it works perfectly!! THANK YOU!