These are the steps i used to modify / repair my Husky(R) 9-LED 3xAAA cell flash light.

The initial problem began with the light going out while turned on. If i tapped the flash light it would work again. But this was an LED flash light so that shouldn't make a difference. This led to disassembling the flash light and finding 2 flimsy twisted wires that eventually broke while I had the 9-LED head off the flash light.

Unfortunately not all the steps have good photos since the thought to post wasn't until the flashlight was repaired.

Step 1: Tools and Materials


Nippers (optional probably)
Razor Blade (optional if your knife is sharp)
Soldering Iron


Paper clip
Washer & Spacer that fits within the body of the flash light
5/16" of black 1/4 inch drip irrigation tubing
electrical tape (optional i bet)

My source of materials...

Leather man was in my pocket.
Razor blade from the bathroom.
Soldering iron in the office.
Nippers tool box (more a box of tools)

i am sure you could care less where i got the tools but the materials will be helpful.

solder lives with the soldering iron.
paper clip from my desk.
the washer and spacer that were used were left over from a toilet repair kit. these were a rubber washer that was fairly thick and a thin brass washer that were used to hold the toilet tank to the base of the toilet.
nail i used an aluminum nail used in forestry to hold tree tags on trees. don't go stealing a nail from a tree tag!!! but this nail had a large head and fit in the available tubing.
tubing was scrap from / in my garden.
<p>So cool! This Rechargeable Battery can replace 3 x AAA for Flashling if anyone interest.</p>

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