How to Repair Multimeter Lcd Display Black Spot


Introduction: How to Repair Multimeter Lcd Display Black Spot

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When your multimeter expose to moisture,sunlight or aged. The lcd display will degrade slowly and finally leave black spot(or big one) on lcd display. However you don't have to worry, you can repair it without paying any money.

Step 1: Here Is the Video of How to Repair Lcd Display Problem of Mine.

All you need is screw driver and something from your trash can.

I hope you save your money with my method.



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    I use a white paper. You can use glossy print paper for beter result.


    Good post. Just did it with my Fluke 16 Multimeter. Followed your instructions, now display is crystal clear. Thanks pal

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    From France :to remove the glue from the lcd use "eau écarlate" it's easier

    Wow, this looks like a great little fix. Well done!

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