Introduction: How to Repair Remote Control

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Are you tired of going in the front of your TV just to change the channel? Do you want to save money from buying expensive international remotes? If you click this, maybe you are. Well this is the answer for your question. This Instructibles will instruct you how to repair your you-can-still-use-remote and save money. By the way, It will just teach you how to repair infrared of a remote control. If your looking for other way of repairing the remote, you may just search in this site. I know there's already one that that will teach you how to repair the remote buttons et cetera. So shall we proceed on the first step?

Step 1: Determine If Your Remote's Infrared Is Working

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To do that, you need a digital camera, or camcorder, or maybe just a camera(MobilePhone Camera will do) and point the remote towards the cam. the reason why we're doing this is because we cannot see the infra red beam with out naked eyes... Try to see if there is a beam while you are pressing the remote button. If there is,maybe the problem is in your TV's signal receiver. But if there is no beam, maybe the infrared is broken.

Step 2: Prepare the Things

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Prepare the things that you need to repair the remote and it includes:

Soldering Iron
Desoldering Gun,
Philips Screw Driver
Flat head screw Driver
Lead solder
cutter(nail cutter will do)
and Infra Red LED(You can buy this from radio shack or any electric shop)

Step 3: Open the Remote

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Older remote can be easily repaired because their parts is big and easy to manipulate while newer remotes like slim type is very hard to repair. Mine is a remote of TV that made from china. It was very easy to replace the Infra red. To open the remote, you may need to remove the screws and locks. Some screws are hiding beneath the stickers and the battery. While others doesn't even have one just like mine. after opening the remote, remove the circuit board(The green color board) and save the screws.

Step 4: Replace the Infra RED

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First, Locate the Infrared, it is usually located at the tip of the remote control. It looks like a small bulb or a LED. remove the solder of the Infra RED using soldering iron and de-soldering gun. insert the new Infra RED, make sure you connect the right terminals( The long tail of the Infra REd LED is the anode or positive) cut the excess tail, and then solder it using soldering iron and solder.

Step 5: Try the Remote

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after you have been assembled the remote, you may now try it to your TV.


10TanToes (author)2017-08-05

please refrain from rude replies to my query

10TanToes (author)2017-08-02

Oh, and bed remote runs off a 9-volt, so am wondering what size red LED I should order. Or poach from a spare remote.

10TanToes (author)2017-08-02

Unfortunately I've outlived Radio Shack, and i can only order on line.

I have an older adjustable bed remote that is irreplaceable. It worked until the led broke off . It's been to and back from the idiot remote repair guys in WinstonSalem NC, and all they did was lose a screw. And, disregarding everything I told them in a typed out letter....returned it WITHOUT the red led replaced...told me it didn't NEED one to work.

So now, after giving up on a local cell phone place after they also ignored me telling it needed a red bulb that was visible above top of the thing (he put a tiny white one inside), I will fix it myself.

How do i know the remote's terminals for wires?

shaimank (author)2016-11-13

hi what infrared led do we use in remote control ?

i need high power led for my robot project....which can detect in 10 to 20 meter range

Rajan1990 (author)2016-09-22

My was totally not working how can repair it

bayyagg (author)2011-07-10


The problem usually some of the buttons are not working........

This 100% guaranteed to clean the carbon contact for that remote!

Use ur soldering iron, heat it up, and get that hot iron tip into those carbon contacts ( don't worry nowadays remote are made of silicone and they don't melt with high temp. ). you will notice the glossiness of the carbon become matte black!

bayyagg (author)2011-07-10

How about, the LED lights up but some of the button is not functioning?

Hycro (author)2011-02-20

So, I should undress my eyes first??

(Though, I am assuming you mean "with OUR naked eyes", but I couldn't leave it alone)

PSPerson (author)2009-11-14

always check the batteries first.  also, if you have a universal remote, try re-programming it.

b2gills (author)2009-10-25

 Sometimes all you have to do is re-solder the IR LED that is already there.

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