This is my first instructable on how to repair your tent pole elastic cord without getting annoyed or frustrated.

All tent poles are bound to fail at some time due to wearing of the elastic bungee cord around the end of the tent pole aperture.

So before you even think of throwing the tent away look at this process which allows you to fix them with ease.

You can also step to the video here:


Step 1: Identify and Purchase a new cord

Identify the cord diameter for replacement.

On cheap tents this will usually be around 2mm in diameter which is not very strong or durable.

If you measure the opening diameter of the pole you may find you can use a thicker diameter.

On my tent poles I went for a 3mm diameter cord over the existing 2mm.

You can purchase the cord on ebay. I am in the UK and got 10 meters for around £3.

Note, The new cord (3mm) is black in the photos and the worn old cord is white with blue and red.

You will need a minimum of 10 meters for a two man dome style tent which has two tent poles. Any tent bigger than two man dome you will need to measure the pole lengths assembled and purchase length accordingly.

Update: I recently measured the original cord and found it to be 50% of the length of the poles when assembled.
So depending on the amount of elastic stretch in your cord, you could purchase a new cord that was 75% of the length of the assembled poles as a rough guess.
<p>I just used fishing line or heavy thread and a heavy needle to go through the poles.</p><p>Simply thread the needle and drop it through the pole &amp; pull it out when it falls through the bottom. Go though all the poles one at a time, trailing the fishing line or thread. I connect each poles after I put the thread through. When you finish the last one, push the needle through the elastic cord near the end (like you are sewing), and tie a knot in the fishing line or thread (if you use fishing line tie a good fishing knot, it is slippery). Then pull the line from the other end and it will pull the cord through all of the poles. Rest of the directions from the instructable work fine</p>
cool. very clever. <br>last time I had to restring poles I used a can of compressed air to blow the shock cord thru.
I use a different method, I take my shop vac and suck fishing line thru the poles and then pull the shock cord thru.
That's another interesting method...... <br> <br>I wonder if the fish line could work with just a small lead weight on it without the hoover and just drop the feeder line through the pole vertically. It may not be quick but useful approach with very limited resources at hand (i.e. no hoover or shop vac) <br> <br>Hopefully we will end up with quite a good list of various methods here with this article. <br> <br>Thanks for your input.
If it's a pipe, I find an easier way to thread anything through it is to get some string. <br />Put the string end at the pipe entrance and suck at the other end. The string should follow through unless it's damp/obstructed.
That's another interesting method! <br /> <br />Personally i wouldn't recommended sucking through an old glassfibre pole just for the glass splinters alone. <br /> <br />Aluminum poles OK.

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