Step 2: Find your threader

Picture of Find your threader
You now need to find yourself a threader to feed the cord through.

I have found an excellent metal threader inside an old windscreen wiper. So when you come to replace your windscreen wipers save them Or salvage some from your local garage.

You will find two strips of metal which run the length of the wiper blade you need to remove these from the wiper blade assembly.

The best wiper blades are those from a saloon car or a van for the best length.

Ideally you need wiper blades of length around 50cm - 52 cm so they are just longer than a single pole of the tent pole assembly.

Note, my photo shows a windscreen wiper but its too short also NOT ALL WINDSCREEN WIPERS have metal inserts.

The cheaper wiper blades are unlikely to have metal inserts.