Chicago Electric portable band saws are the brand carried by Habor Freight, they are made in China as are several other no name brands ( which are most likely the same tool ). The drive wheels, which are the part that the blade runs on, are made of plastic. These do not stand up to the abuse that the saws are exposed to, especially when the saw binds while cutting. The shaft gear is steel and chews up the inner gear on the drive wheels. An easy fix it to swap the front wheel with the rear wheel. When this is not possible I have a quick fix using JB Weld that seems to be holding up quite well.

Step 1: Remove the Rear Drive Wheel

Remove the blade ,and the rear wheel. You will need a 5mm allen wrench for this. Once off ,clean up the worn part with a razor knife
<p>It seems that whether it be harder or softer patch material the difference in hardness would be cause for inevitable separation. So am wondering about casting a good wheel in a sand mold and making replacements out of pot metal.</p>
I `ve found that JB weld does not hold up to long, I am in search of a new epoxy to try that may be more durable
You could try melting plastic into it, but you would need a more heat resistant mould.
&nbsp;Ya just gotta love an ingenious tool fix. Great job.

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