Introduction: How to Repair Those Useless New Clippers

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If you're a smoker you'll deinitely have noticed a decline in the quality of clipper lighters which I believe has something to do with the newer hexagonal flint wheels, the hexagon is not the problem but the flint wheel has changed and quickly wears the flint in such a way that it's useless after a week or so.

There's the problem here's the fix. As you can imagine this has been annoying me alot as the nozzle in wonder jet lighter is kaput - If I ever manage to lathe my own all will be well.

**Edit: New steps added**

Step 1: Removing the Offending Piece.

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Right the only tools you should really need are a flathead screwdriver (large) and if you have clumsy or weak fingers pliers may be handy aswell.

Grab the flint wheel and pull up, remember this is for clippers, they have a seperate flint assembly, It simply pulls out.

Step 2: Getting Down to It.

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You'll notice on the bottom of the flint tube theres a slot, much like a flathead screw.

That's it you need to loosen this a little before you'll get it with your hands, just use a large flathead screwdriver. Take it off by hand after loosening though and hold on carefully in case the flint escapes, after getting the spring and endcap of tip the flint out for inspection.

You'll see one side that's very shiny and most likely worn with a slight groove or some such, possibly a slant, either way this is a bad thing. If this is the first time doing this repair then just turn it around and put it in the tube with the unworn end facing the striker wheel, if you still have a good amount of flint left then you can always file it down flat.

Getting the spring and endcap back on can be tricky, start screwing it in and don't let go of it until it's all the way in, it can go backwards so push down a bit while screwing it in to position, also it'll kind of bump along, don't worry that's just the spring ends popping up and down a bit from being screwed...

Step 3: A More Permanent Fix.

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So after doiing the original fix I still felt that the spark wasn't right, mainly because the wheel span too freely, you have two options to consider, either increase the force pushing the flint stone into the wheel or change the wheel, I decided the best bet would be to add a spacer between the spring and the flint.

I used a piece of a small screw as a spacer, you could just put a second flint into it as a spacer, this is probably the best option but my bit of screw does the job nicely and will always be there...

Step 4: At Last Success

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You should have a nice powerful spark and no loose limp wristed spinning from the striker wheel, enjoy your new friend, understanding something is the first step to knowing something.


DeanB80 (author)2017-04-26

I have found myself with the new style wheels that grease from fingers is building up on the wheel i used some deodorant (alcohol) and some tissue and rubbed side to side all the way around wheel twice and sparks every time no spacer no turning flint anything it is because flat parts of wheel are exposing the sparking inner wheel to grease and dirt

MartinT93 (author)2016-10-10

This has obviously been done on purpose to get people to buy a new
one. This increases environmental destruction and my finger is hurting
coz of trying to light with this rubbish lighter. I am going to look for
another option so as not to reward these people when they were already
making good money before with a decent enough lighter.

MartinT93 (author)MartinT932016-10-10

Seems you have to get all the flint and skin out from the grooves. Tried with a knife and it seems to make it work a bit atleast. A needle probably would do it better. Really not sure why they made these angled edges. Maybe so it hurts? In any case this is no good if you are smoking roll ups and keep relighting the thing then the lighter is causing pain when it is not lighting first time. my thumb is pretty bad and there is other thumb and another finger also hurting a bit when using this lighter. Those other lighters with the electric spark have an intentional defect in them so it brakes after a while. You can tell because there is a weak point there. they could just as easily make them last for a very long time at no extra cost.

RobC108 (author)2016-05-17

Reversing the flint and stretching the spring always used to work but Clippers these days, even cleaning the little grind wheel grooves with a pin doesn't help much. Either its a softer metal grinding wheel which wears smooth or the flints are crap.

Its a pain because I need a Clipper... I use the sparky part to poke the bakki down the ends of my rollies. :-)

LivJ1 (author)RobC1082016-09-09

The bottom unscrews also so you can remove the flint that way... ...

iI4I20Ii (author)2014-10-19

Instead of a screw buy a bic take the spring out of bic and put the spring from the bic in the clipper the bic spring is a little longer so solves the problem without adding a screw or extra flint xD

LivJ1 (author)iI4I20Ii2016-09-09

And the flint from a bic lighter, duh. I cut the flint in half with wire cutters (carefully or both pieces disappear) and the flints have lasted me 6 months or more and i use my clippers all day ;) and to fix the flame issue they get sometimes remove allllllll pressure and refill until a puddle appears around the refill port ?

MJBhurst (author)2015-09-03

I took the wheel off of a Liberty Lites el cheapo lighter and it seems for all intents and purposes to be an exact replica of the old Clipper wheel. It fits the mount perfect and lights every time.

RudyR3 (author)2015-01-12

Thanks a lot bro! I tried it and it worked for me

LinuxH4x0r (author)2008-02-19

I thought you repaired lighters, why would you use a disposable one? btw great instructable

Apart from this new fault clippers are good lighters, nice enough to carry around but you'll not worry about losing.

I didn't realize they were refillable.

Eh they're semi disposable, still I have to add some more steps, I think I ifgured out a better solution to the problem...

SEMI disposable ?????????? i know im replying in 2010 but semi disposable it has to be disposable or knot..... i think what you mean is that they can be refiled and you can get new flints for them but they are so cheep you can toss them away and get a new one for the price it costs for the gas and flints ( Killerjackalope big up the uk man )

Yeah I just used semi disposable to shorten the sentence... I'm Belfast what about you?

i see !! im in Warrington near manchester

I need to find a good refillable butane lighter so I don't have to worry about losing my zippo.

Hmm my suggestion would be to buy a nicer lighter, definitely something made of metal, at least metal casing, jet lighters are pretty cheap now and do have alot of strength due to the fact that mch of them has to be metal with ceramic parts. Personally I have found that if you're in any way sensible you wont lose it, sure I managed to lose my keys on a beach but my lighter has survived many a drunken night out with me, sadly I think it may have met its maker... Zippos are nice lighters I have two, and a ronson varaflame, and a bunch of old lighters... My Zippos have never gotten lost, mainly due to the fact that a zippo has a distinct wight to it, you know whether it's in your pocket or not. Really there's no shame in a bic or some such, I tend to have a couple lying around simply because they're cheap and pretty invincible, the ten for a pound pieces of junk you see lying around are no good for anything other than blowing up, they're cheap junk.

i tink the same too about disposable ones

I've never lost a lighter either, its just that I'd rather not take the chance. I was thinking of getting a cheap ronson.

pyro13 (author)LinuxH4x0r2008-07-18

I got a ronson windlite, because i didn't want to lose my zippo, and they are fair quality, especially because of the price. 3.50 USD each!

yeah they're not half bad, that or one of the candle lighters, they're not butane, they're petrol but they're reliable and cheap despite being old, search ebay to get an idea of what they are. They come apart to turn in to a candle that can be set down...

sharlston (author)LinuxH4x0r2009-07-26

how about a electronic lighter? no flint just butane and its the size of a nrmal lighter the pilot import from the poundshop are best

in what way are they semi disposable?

sharlston (author)2009-07-26

are cliipers refillable and reflintable?

drake.stone (author)sharlston2010-09-26

yes they are over 2 years for your reply lol

BaronGreenback (author)2010-02-16

Sorry if this has been posted before, but stretching the spring a little improves the spark a great deal, no need for a spacer. Also, using a pin to scrape out the dead skin from the flint wheel helps to keep it in tip top condition.

pyro13 (author)2008-02-19

what store could i buy one of these at? I have one identical to this one, except that it is not refillable. I got 3 of them for 1$ USD. they are sort of crappy though, and leak very easily.

sharlston (author)pyro132009-07-26

look at wal mart behind the counter look for silver and black ones

killerjackalope (author)pyro132008-02-19

I don't honestly know I live in the Uk and we have them in most shops, just ask if they have any clipper lighters...

lasersage (author)2008-02-20

Awesome, I've loved my clippers. My last ones been going strong over two years!!!! Occassional cotton bud cleaning of old flint debris keeps the gas nozzle clean and happy. Yeh flints do go, i just turn 'em upside down wear them down until I buy a new one (flint that is, not lighter). Swan flints are 9 for £1 - cheap. As for spacing the spring, thats an interesting approach, I just strectch the spring so its longer and applies more pressure again. They do soften with time. If you've used both ends of flint, and its not striking god anymore, the trick is..... hold down the gas lever whilst covering the top of the lighter with your thumb, wait a second or two for it to fill up with gas, then whilst still holding the gas lever down flick the wheel round with another finger (possibly on other hand). That'll light even if the flints knackered. As for all this talk of turbo lighters and other metal bodied refillables; the refil valva always seems to give out after a while, so stick with the clipper its the best. Don't be conned into the similarly shaped but far inferiour swan copy.

yeah the shop I work in has those swan ones, they are similar but have an awful strike and aren't much good. I do the same thing when I can't get a good spark except I simply hold the gas down and swing my thumb against the wheel pretty fast, it makes the small spark travel across the gas flow a bit more... If you stretch a spring it'll eventually end up being weaker than before after the initial strength boost. The spacer works very well really.

i find the swans better for zippos

i know this is an old post, but figured I would reply anyway. If you hold them upside down to lght that can help with nearly empty or worn out clippers. Also, if you tilt the lighter far enough when its lit, the flame will get bigger. Great for heating things......

sharlston (author)lasersage2009-07-26

if you go to morrisons they are 1 pack for 65p

petergillan50 (author)2009-05-07

New Clippers with the Pentaganal Flint wheel can be fixed all you have to do is find or Buy a disposable lighter and change The Flint Wheel over I did it with two and now they work Just fine Lights first time Every time . Or you could Clean your Pentaganal Flint Wheel With a tooth brush. But I think changing it over is Best. Why Not When a Clipper can Last you Years as You can change the Flint and Refill them. I personally think They did this To sell more Lighters..

baneat (author)petergillan502009-06-10

Great tip, I was stupid enough to let the flint fly across the room doing this but amazingly I was able to find it again. Now I can light 100% of the time with my left hand!

baneat (author)2009-05-18

My clipper just unexplainably doesn't work. New flint, produces plenty of sparks, plenty of gas, yet doesn't light most of the time. I just got a bad one, I think.

killerjackalope (author)2008-04-28

Yes why ever do you ask?

mrmath (author)2008-02-19

This is a good on how to repair this lighter, but I have a question. If you know that this lighter suffers from this problem, why not just switch to a different disposable lighter that doesn't?

killerjackalope (author)mrmath2008-02-19

Other than this new fault they're good lighters, they don't give up as quick as most cheapo ones and are refillable and reflintable.

mrmath (author)killerjackalope2008-02-19

So, their not really disposable lighters than. I get it. I was thinking that it was like a bic or something.

killerjackalope (author)mrmath2008-02-19

They are and they aren't at 99p they're kind of optionally disposable...

GorillazMiko (author)2008-02-18

Woah, that last picture is AWESOME! So is the first one. ;-) Awesome job!

Instructable necessary? If so I can do it... Very easily considering that's a now ancient compact.

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