How to Repair Your ZOOM G2 G2.1U





Introduction: How to Repair Your ZOOM G2 G2.1U

if you are having problems switching through presets or banks , this should probably mean that the micro switches have worn out. this instructable will guide you through a few steps on how to change them.

all you need is :
a soldering iron
a few micro switches
a screw driver


just unscrew the back cover and be careful to put the five screws in a safe place


as this step says, gently remove the foot switch's pcb board and, with caution, remove the cable from the pins; it is not crucial, but it will be more comfortable to solder the contacts this way


remove the defected switch and solder the new one. put everything back in order make sure the switches work before you close the processor. so... if the only problem you had was with the effect switch you're done. congratulations!

for the bank buttons move on to the next step


these buttons are a little more time consuming to change, 'cause of the place where they are mounted, but it's no harder than the foot switches.


first, you have to unscrew the jack inputs and output , then the circuit board can be removed slowly( it's not screwed to the chases )
one you get to the actual circuitry, remove the two screws and turn the cover and remove the knob buttons by just pulling them out. remove the nut and then you can remove the defected buttons and replace them.


screw all the circuitry back on, connect the cables to the pins, check once more for the buttons to work , close the back cover and you're ready to rock with your favorite multi effect processor that responds like the first time you turned it on.

please excuse me if i made any expression mistakes and if i'm unclear in any of the steps; it's my first instructable.



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    I have never really used this pedal much as it would not change parameters using the "effect type" switches. This article confirms that they can be troublesome so before changing switches I simply sprayed some contact cleaner on them externally and "voila" it's now programmable!

    Hello, I donno if this is the right place to post my multifx problem. Well, I have a Zoom g9.2tt and has been using for a year now, bt all of a sudden it ran into problem.

    The unit switches on but there is no sound from the unit neither it reads the input signal. I have tried bypass yet no indication on the tuner also tried running audio from the Cubase s/w there is no sound at all. I have checked all the periphery connection, everythings fine. Could someone help me out cause I couldn't figure what's wrong with it.

    There is no proper shop who are familiar with repairing guitar processors nearby.

    PS there is the image of the G9.2tt CB.

    5 replies for troubleshooting

    I forgot to mention that if my suggestion does not work, then reinstall Cubase but first uninstall then reinstall. In my experience, a reinstall of drivers usually is the best choice due to fix corruption. I found the manual: They stupidly do not have a troubleshoot section. but you may want to review it to see if there is help. Good luck.

    Hello Bruce, thanks for the support. Actually It's not the cubase that I am concerned about but it's my Zoom G9.2tt unit. There is no sound coming out from the unit nor does it detect the input signal. btw the unit switches on and everything works fine just that it doesn't do what it's made for i.e produce sound. Tunner doesn't pick the signal either.

    You are welcome. More questions, some relevant some not so bare with me. First off, you get
    no sounds directly from the unit, are you in the Play mode? To get the sounds to work with the patches in the G2, you have to be in the play mode and the volume can be raised from the lowest setting for each patch, therefore, adjust it inside the unit. If there is no response from your tuner inside the G2, then the software configuration in the unit may be at fault. Is the G2 itself set to mute? Have you recorded your sounds in Cubase and are there wave forms? How do you
    have the outputs and inputs set up in the G2? Describe how things are set up. Have you tried to do a factory reset? Sorry for all the question but I need to know more. Is your expression pedal used for volume control? If so, then make sure it is not in the off position. Press the pedal down with your foot slowly to see if you get volume and again adjust the volume in the G2 for each patch that you are using. I hope this helps. Is the output cable to the unit from your guitar connected to the mono or left output? Please me know if any of this helped.

    I do not know if I can be of help, I'm here on this site to fix my gt 6 boss processor. I read your testimony here and in my experience it is usually an internal volume control that may be turned down or off. Also, check your pre amp to see if the volume control is off, but it sounds as though you covered that base. What drivers do you use for Cubase for audio? Make sure that Cubase is recognizing your sound card. I am not familiar with Cubase but I would imagine there is an audio reference page. If it is not recognized, then reinstall the drivers. I hope this helps. Let me know if it worked.

    Hello sir, im having a problem with my Bass effects zoomb2.1u,
    zoomB2.1u and ZOOM G2 G2.1U have the same board and voltage regulator?

    My voltage regulator is busted im planing to replace it a new one but i cant see the number, mybe you can help me.

    1 reply

    Hi, EdisonCaballes.

    As far as I can see, it is a 29M33A.

    Hi gents,

    My G2.1u pedalboard does non works, I have tried the reset procedure, the display AL flashing etc. but after all disapear and the equipment seems dead!

    As per some video on youtube the cause could be the "alimentation" the resistor or the voltage regulator etc. I have noted also a high temperature on the processor surface, and I do not if it is normal. However, I would like to know where I can find or buy the service manual. Some of you can indicate me the number of transistor located on back side of main circuit at the position "Q4" because on main board the number is scatched I can see only the number "5" plus partially the second number 0 or letter C. The transistor at position Q3 is marked: 6C s54

    Thanks in advance.

    Giuseppe from Italy

    Hi my name is Chisti,i have a problem with zoom

    g2.1nu and problem is restart,sometime still hang but now totally display blank.when i press power bottom than response vibrate type sound but display not work.please do something for my processor.

    Hi my name is Charles , I have a problem with line 6 floor pod plus zoom .
    Before is to work well but suddendly these days getting problem from output .when I put on connect my cables and my guitar not coming the signal from out put ..
    From out put there is coming harm and buzz noice after but after stop for certain minutes and zoom start to work normally ..than after sometime in the middle start again the same sound from out the noice
    , harm the buzz noice pls can you help me any one how to solve this problem....thank you charles

    what problem my zoom G2.1u because small red light blinking?


    I want repairing my part zoom g2.. how i cant buy this part.. ???

    Replay to my email :


    Hay guys! I have this problem with my ZOOM G2 G2.1U.when i start goes to off automatically.and sometime it shows only USB and nothing.plz help me for solve this problem.plz plz plz

    Hey guys, I have this problem with my g2.1u. The thing is that it has that blinking "bt" message on the display, but I'm using zoom's ac adapter, do you know If I have to replace or change something? Please let me know

    3 replies

    I'm having the exact same problem! Did you ever find a solution?

    me too the same problem, Help!

    My G21u just freezes after a while and you cant change any parameters at all until you restart the unit, and the volume goes and there is no output, any ideas? cheers