---Required Materials---
From Scratch:
5mm Strobe LED (from Raver Gloves, Ordered online in bulk from alibaba (20 cents each)
OR Use Regular old solid LEDS.
Electrical Tape
CR coin battery (CR2032 Lasts the longest, 2x CR2016's Are BRIGHTER but dont last nearly as long)
Some kind of sticker or something to samdwhich in between the tape
Shaped Rubber Band Bracelets of any type 
Optional: Clear tape to waterproof any stickers

Th Finished Result looks like The Ones Below I'm giving Out at BURNING MAN 2012!

Step 1: Wrap the Coin Battery W/Electrical Tape

Take a Regular 8" Long piece of electrical tape and cut it so you have two long thin pieces of tape.
Use one to do the following,

Start the tape flat on the - (negative) Side of the battery - COVERING the divide between - and + completely

Then, Start to STRETCH THE ELECTRICAL TAPE FLAT, Over the RIM Of the battery, so it should be overflowing onto both sides of the battery and making a small black circle around the whole thing (Like your using the battery as a tire and tightening the tape by rolling the tire)

You want to TIGHTLY and securely make a black rim of electrical tape all the way around

When you have gone around the whole battery 1.5 times, angle the tape to make another flat strip, intersecting the one you did to start this tape.

You should End up with your battery a little more than half covered on the flat sides as pictured.

Your Battery is now prepared to have the LED Attatched

Forgive my ignorance. Can you explain me what a strobe magnet is?
It look like a normal led-throwie, but with a RGB led. I could be wrong too.
OK, Thanks.

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