Step 5: Remove power steering pump

Nice! At this point, the power steering pump is cradled in the frame & brackets and ready to be removed.

1) Remove the power steering pump.
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Thank you so much for posting these instructions on how to fix a power steering pump. Does this also work on<a href="http://www.westechequipment.com/Industrial-Commercial-Submersible-Pumps_c1686.htm" rel="nofollow">drainage pumps</a>? I'd love to not have to call a repairman. Thank you for your help!
I've been thinking about doing instructables when I work on my car, but the swearing that seems to be required with every project makes me think otherwise.&nbsp; However, you did such a great job with this, I might try on my next one. :)<br />
Well done.
Thank you, Lance!

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