Picture of How to replace a valve stem
The other day my brother bought this civic from a local dealership. I checked the car in great detail on and off the lot and I discovered that the car had a bad valve stem on the spare tire.

Some vehicles are equipped with tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). The TPMS could be part of the valve stem and could be expensive to replace.
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Step 1: Remove Tire

Picture of Remove Tire
tire repair.JPG
What you should do is find some flat ground and lay the tire down. After doing so you will need to break the bead. Breaking the bead requires a lot of force. My method is to run the tire over with another car. You should be extremely careful not to damage the rim.

Step 2: Remove the old valve stem.

Picture of Remove the old valve stem.
Once you have gained access to the old valve stem you can remove it by cutting it or pulling it out with pliers.

Step 3: Lubrication/ glue

Picture of Lubrication/ glue
Next you have to use something will help the valve stem slide in place and when it dries you it should function like glue to prevent air form leaking out. I chose to use dish detergant but any other type of soap would do.

Step 4: Installing the valve stem

Picture of Installing the valve stem
The installation process is straight forward. All you need to do is to put the stem trough the hoe and pull it trough. For these step you can use pliers or a valve tool. I use pliers because the tool was hitting the rim and I could not screw it in. I would recommend that you have a metal valve stem extender so you do not run into this problem.
scott.hepler6 months ago

OK, nice job. This worked great for me -- thanks!

lalunette4 years ago
Good instructables !!

I always meant to find out how those vavle stems were installed.

BTW, got a good chuckle when I read about the "mental valve extender"
thebatman4 years ago
an easier way to get a bead to seat is take the 4 way valve tool and remove the core with the tool then use a compressor to set the bead, do not exceed max psi for the tire to set it, also you need to lube the bead with soapy water if you break it
revkarl4 years ago
I have been meaning to get a "mental valve extender". sounds useful.
We had a handy little tool for this, made it far simpler to do because every now and again you'll wreck the threads on the valve stem, fine if dust caps are plastic but stem extenders just won't go on...
citydragon6 years ago
Good tips on inserting the stem, breaking the bead and resetting the bead. Thanks!