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The moving dollies that our movers use, have split lock washers that hold the wheels on the dolly axle. There are two problems with these washers: 1.They are extremely hard to find on the market; 2. It’s not easy to remove them without preserving them. After numerous times changing the bearings on the dollies and using locking washers, we decided to drill the holes and lock the wheels with cotter pins. It is easy, fast, and cheap alternative to locking washers. Below are the DIY steps to replace a wheel on Milwaukee hand trucks/dollies sold in Home Depot stores:

  • Split the locking washer with a flat screwdriver. We found that using a narrow flat screwdriver placed in a split cut of the washer breaks it from first attempt.
  • Remove damaged wheel
  • Mount new wheels
  • Lock the wheels either by locking washers or cotter pins Install locking washers by hammering them down with a ratchet wrench socket

    For cotter pins follow these steps:

  • Install new wheel and washers
  • Mark a dot approximately 2 mm from the outer washer
  • Drill the holes with high RPM drill and cobalt bit
  • Mount new wheels
  • Insert cotter pins
  • Bend cotter pins ends

Watch the video here:


seamster (author)2015-10-12

Looks like a good fix! Thanks for sharing how to do this.

Fastruck (author)seamster2015-11-22

Thank you!

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