Picture of How to replace batteries in flashing teeth toy
As some of you might know that the packaging on these flashing teeth toys say that the batteries are non-replaceable. I'm here to tell you that they are wrong.

Step 1: Getting the circuit board out

Picture of Getting the circuit board out
To start you will need a sharp razor blade knife (please use discretion while using sharp objects suck as razor blades). Next take the knife and make a cut big enough to get the small circuit board out.(see photos 2 and 3 for reference).

I took apart my 1990 rubber Energizer Bunny with Base drum. When functional, you squeeze a button on the side of the drum and a light bulb exiting a hole in the front of the drum lights up. Inside the bunny figure there is a white plastic box containing two silver-coloured non-identifiable batteries, each 1.5 inches long and 0.25 inches in diameter, plus two pieces of copper for contacts, plus a "2.2 V 0.25 Amp Japan" light bulb that protrudes though the hole in the drum when installed. The light has not worked in a long time, and I want to restore its operation. Do you know how I can obtain these batteries?

Robert in Gatineau, Quebec Canada