Step 2: Replace the Batteries

Be very careful when taking out the circuit it is very fragile and tiny. Now that you have the circut use a small flat screwdriver to push out the dead batteries. Then look at them close to see what type they are. Then go but those type if you don't already have them. them insert the new batteries.(see photos 1, 2,  and 3 for reference).
<p>I took apart my 1990 rubber Energizer Bunny with Base drum. When functional, you squeeze a button on the side of the drum and a light bulb exiting a hole in the front of the drum lights up. Inside the bunny figure there is a white plastic box containing two silver-coloured non-identifiable batteries, each 1.5 inches long and 0.25 inches in diameter, plus two pieces of copper for contacts, plus a &quot;2.2 V 0.25 Amp Japan&quot; light bulb that protrudes though the hole in the drum when installed. The light has not worked in a long time, and I want to restore its operation. Do you know how I can obtain these batteries?</p><p>Robert in Gatineau, Quebec Canada</p>

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