Here you will see how to replace worn brake pads and discs on a 1989 Porsche 944

Step 1: Jack the Car

First, jack the car for a save and secure stand.
I was wondering the process of changing the brakes on the Cayenne's, and what is required. I have installed full brake kits on other cars in the past as well as brake pad changes. The dealer said my <a href="http://www.drivewire.com/make/cat/brake-pads/porsche/">Porsche brake pads</a> needed to be replaced soon, and want to charge me $900 to do it. I said f*ck that I can do it myself. Is it true when replacing the pads, that every brake pad sensor wire needs to be changed? Also, my buddy told me it requires a special tool. Is this true? If so were can I order the tool from? Do I have to reset any thing in the menu of the car after the swap? I found the brakes, and sensors on advanced for a little over $200 for everything. I did use the search button, and could find anything. Thanks in advanced
Hi!<br>First, ask your official Porsche dealer if it&acute;s possible to replace them without having a computer to tell the car...Most of the Porsche and VW need to be told via computer what is going to happen.<br>The new cars press the pads to the discs every now and then to keep the discs warm for NO FADING when it&acute;s wet.
<em>step 2 clean the caliper</em><br/><em>Now clean the caliper so your hands don t get that dirty...</em><br/><em>step 5 Remove the caliper</em><br/><em>Unscrew the caliper. 2 Screws only and secure it with something so the caliper does not fall on the ground. Care is needed. Clean caliper again.</em><br/><em>step 6 Check the pads</em><br/><em>Take the new pads and make sure you do not touch the inner side with your fingers.</em><br/><em>Keep them clean.</em><br/><br/>I don't know, those hands look pretty dirty to me after cleaning so much.<br/><br/>You have a <em>Porsche</em> and you're doing this <em>yourself</em>?!?<br/>
Haha, yeah right. Next time I´ll wear some gloves... My brother helped me taking the pics. Yes, I do ALL by myself, I am a former car mechanic. ;-)
NICE, but you seem to have missed a few important steps 1 loosen wheel nuts/studs before jacking 2 wash coating from disc with brake cleaner before fitting 3 remove cap from brakefluid resivoir and press pistons back into caliper,being careful not to overflow resivoir 4 apply some copper grease/high temp antiseize compound to the back of the pads and caliper where the pads move on it 5 before refitting wheel,gently pump the brake pedal without pressing all the way to the floor until it goes hard,then check that the disc is running freely,refit the wheel,lower jack and tighten wheel studs

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