How to Replace the Battery in a TomTom XXL 550 GPS Unit





Introduction: How to Replace the Battery in a TomTom XXL 550 GPS Unit

This instructable will show you how to replace the battery in a TomTom XXL 550 GPS Unit. Which if you call TomTom they will tell you that it is un-serviceable and that you should get a new unit. Instead of wasting $100+ dollars to do that you can just buy another battery and replace the old one in your GPS



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    Any ideas how to increase the storage on this unit, at the moment it is very small with no option to add an SD card

    I do not know of a way , you might be able to hard wire in another USB port, or an SD card reader and see if it will recognize it. Unfortunately I do not have this unit anymore as someone stole it out of my car. I do plan to get another TomTom this time with an SD card reader in it, and will most likely be making an instructable on how to replace that battery as the factory batteries do nto seem to last that long

    Thanks but I was more interested in increasing the storage capacity than changing the battery

    sorry for the confusion, but that is what I meant by hard wiring in another usb or SD card port to see if it will recognize it for storage