Step 3: Take off the old battery and put the new one on

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I did this a while ago so you can see the battery already replaced but you can get the idea.
Take the precision screwdriver and push it from where the tab is stuck onto the battery near the outside in towards the inside therefore removing the tab from the battery but keeping it attached to the pcb. Repeat on the tab stuck to the bottom of the battery.

Stick on the new battery with the tape making sure to get good contact between the battery with the tabs. If that comes loose then your save gets deleted :-(

Note that the battery goes in upside down (see the polarity markings on the pcb)

Please do not solder the tabs onto the battery as this is very dangerous and could cause the battery to explode
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banj01 year ago
It's probably a better idea to buy a new battery with the tabs pre-attached and desolder the existing ones on the PCB, then solder on the ones you bought. It'll mean that if you drop your cartridge/Game Boy the battery doesn't fly out and delete your save data.
banj01 year ago
It's probably a better idea to solder the battery to the tabs on the PCB, it'll make sure nothing goes somewhere it should if you drop the cartridge/Game Boy, and it's not that hard to do either.
craazyy13 years ago
Awesome guide. I had used it once already to fix pokemon silver, and then some time later got my sisters copy of pokemon gold. The first time I got help from my dad, and we struggled a bit with getting the screw out, but ended up just trying to drill it loose from the cover. The drill was right next to the screw and ended up spinning it, finally making the screw loose :P
Just picked the metal bits off the battery with a flat head screwdriver and taped the new 2032 battery in with insulation tape. The 2032 battery along with the tape ended up making it a bit tight, so we ended up not having to put in a new screw afterwards. Both copies now work perfectly. Thanks! It's now as good as new (except for a dent on the back from the drill, which I don't mind at all)
latinlover6 years ago
hey one of my tabs broke off now wat am i suppose 2 do ??? it wont work any ideas?
josh92176 (author)  latinlover6 years ago
you need to solder it back on :( . You MIGHT get away with gluing it however the only difficulty is you need to maintain an electrical connection. i.e not block off the current with a thick layer of glue. -josh
I had the same problem. So if i solder it back on then it will be ok?
Worked like a champ thanks Josh!!
travvy3 years ago
I'm a little stuck - I unscrewed the game and got most of the tab off but it seems to be attached really firmly in 2 small points, which I can't for the life of me get off! Is there some special technique to this, I've tried using tweezers a screwdriver and a razorblade and nothing is making it budge even slightly :(
KyraKyra travvy3 years ago
It's spot welded. You have to break through the metal around the spots. There's really no other way.
josh92176 (author)  travvy3 years ago
Hi, i cant remember perfectly (because it has been a fair while since i actually did this) but i do seem to remember there being a tough bit as you describe.

I was able to get the tabs off by firmly pushing the screwdriver underneath the tab (possibly twisting the screwdriver as well).

If you are still having real trouble with this, it might be possible (depending on how far up the tab the hard bit is) to actually cut the tab off the battery, and simply tape the remainder of the tab onto the new battery?
KyraKyra3 years ago
Thank you so much! My old Silver game now works like a dream. I couldn't find anything small enough to remove the screw, though. I had to improvise with a specialized plier.
danmc914 years ago
fwiw, I recently replaced the battery on a pokemon sapphire. In that the battery was also soldered down. It was fairly easy to desolder and I bought a replacement CR1616 at Batteries Plus and they were able to spot weld some solder tabs onto the new battery for me. And before anyone worries too much about the price, don't. It was cheap. I don't recall the exact amount but we are talking $3-5 range for the battery with the tabs spot welded onto it. Of course I still had to solder it down, but I am confident that my repair will last as long as the battery. It was dumb luck that I realized Batteries Plus would provide that service.

Yes, frustrating that Nintendo didn't use a holder that was meant for user servicing, but at least it wasn't that bad of a fix! If you don't solder and feel like taking a chance, you may be able to get someone in a local high school electronics class to do it for you.....

nfagerlund4 years ago
So if you're having problems with the battery slipping around, try getting everything in place, then taping a penny to the top of the new battery, and sliding the cover on. It creates a much snugger fit and stops the battery from moving. Worked for me after several attempts without the penny.
yogurtdale4 years ago
thanks so much, i didnt think id be able to do it without breaking it... now i must start the quest for a new battery...
I'm a total novice and I just did this, it seems, successfully.

I used a pair of manicure scissors. Although what it doesn't mention is how rusted-on the two prongs are to the battery.

Also, didn't tape. Seems fine.
rbarrington4 years ago
Also did this, used small screwdriver to pry case apart, used electrical tape to hold battery in, also used cr2032 which only difference is it is slightly thicker, when finished used a phillips head screw rather than one nintendo provides so future replacement would be easier.
crustation5 years ago
this hasnt been commented on for a while, but hopefully someone replies quickly. there are two little 'dots' on the horizontal bar which are very stubborn and keep it in place. was wondering if there is any easy way to take the bar off. Thank.
torres46285 years ago
which way does the battery go? the + on the bottom tab or the top tab
one word, thank you, and hi
gamesurf6 years ago
I've tried this on both Pokemon Blue and Donkey Kong, and neither of them work. I'm beginning to think that it's not a problem with the battery after all. Pokemon Blue: Intro works well, but when I select "NEW GAME", the professor shows up with a comment box, but no words pop up, and I just hear this screechy sound. Donkey Kong: The Game Boy title screen shows up, then it's blank for about 15 seconds, and the Donkey Kong title screen pops up, I press start, and the three save files show up, and then the game freezes. I've changed the batteries in both of them, and I still have this problem. Any help?
well i can tell you why donkey kong is not workign it looks like i've seen  that battery before it needs a smaller one dude have a game with the same battery look it horizontal instead of diagonal but i think the problem of the other one is that you might have nicked a pin on one of the chips and there for cause it to become corrupted cause i've got a game that makes that same sound every time i turn it on and i found out it means it corrupted

josh92176 (author)  gamesurf5 years ago
Sorry, i dont know, but it doesn't sound like a battery problem :(

josh92176 (author)  gamesurf6 years ago
hmm, it doesn't sound like the battery at all. It seems as if the game itself is corrupted. Did anything happen to the cartridge before it broke. -josh
Ok. I replaced the battery successfully with my silver version about a year and a half ago, but the clock didn't work. It was always on the same time, but the save function did work so I played the game and beat it. But just recently my save file was deleted. I thought the battery was supposed to last around 7 years right? Is there a certain way/angle the battery has to be in there?(I had the side without text facing up) Or did the battery just lose contact with the tabs? I'm about to replace the battery again and I want to make sure I do it completely correct this time.
mcbladerboy5 years ago
hi josh, i hope u still check these comments but...
here is my problem, i have already soldered off the battery, would it be possible to replace the battery with a pokemon blue version battery (blue version Does save) by soldering it back in or is it ruined???
THANKS for help if u do answer and i loved ur tutorial its the first thing that actually made sense
josh92176 (author)  mcbladerboy5 years ago
Yes afaik that should work :)

stuntman0025 years ago

I tried this on my pokemon yellow and I can't get the battery to stay on the tabs.

josh92176 (author)  stuntman0025 years ago
It should stay on if you tape it tightly.....

tspencer6 years ago
Hey thanks, my gold and silver versions have been messed up for years and I never knew what it was until now. It"ll be great playing them again. Great guide :)
chunkyhunks7 years ago
I'm confused. What am I supposed to do with the tape?
josh92176 (author)  chunkyhunks7 years ago
The tape is to secure the battery in place. -josh
hey i got the cartridge open and got a battery but im a little confused on hw to take it out and i dont want to break anything so could you tell me which parts i have to disconnect. is it the two little gray squares touching the battery or the bar going across? sorry im so technologicaly inept. thanks
josh92176 (author)  dunn13236 years ago
Hi you need to disconnect the 'bar' from the battery by 'pushing' it off with the screwdriver. However you leave the bars attached to the 'grey squares' :p -josh
I can't get the battery of the metal tabs!
zknx16 years ago
HI i was wondering do you have to melt the tabs back on the new battery or just put the tabs on the new battery and put a piece of tape over the tabs to make sure they stick on the battery? -zach
Hey there. Great tutorial, I'm about to try it tonight, but I have a few questions first. 1. Does this work with Crystal? If it does, will I have to do anything different than the steps you have listed above? 2. Is a specific game system needed in order for this to work? Thanks in advance, -ninetales
ilikerebels6 years ago
Is it okay if I used Duck Tape instead?
josh92176 (author)  ilikerebels6 years ago
Should be, It could be a little hard if the tape is too thick, all the tape does is attach the battery to the contacts. Don't you have anything thinner? -josh
yamsgalor6 years ago
How important is the metal tab thingys that hold the battery in place? Can't i just bend them off?
josh92176 (author)  yamsgalor6 years ago
The metal tabs are what connect the battery to the pcb, if you were to remove them you would need to create another way of transferring the electrical current, i.e soldering wires to the pcb and battery. -josh
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