How to replace the screen on a Hp Pavilion dv7 Laptop

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This instructable will show you how to replace the screen from an Hp Pavilion DV7 series Laptop.

Before you proceed: There are several different models of this laptop, some of the models require that you take apart THE ENTIRE LAPTOP in order to replace the screen. THIS IS NOT ONE OF THOSE LAPTOPS

If you are experiencing red speckles of spots on your screen you have what is commonly referred to as "Dead Pixels" and this is an early warning sign that your laptop screen is about to die on you.

If this is happening, or other signs, or your screen has already died, don't spent hundreds of dollars at a PC repair shop, just grab some tools and get ready to fix the problem yourself.
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Step 1:

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What you will need

Small Phillips screwdriver

Small pointed object or X-ato knife to remove rubber feet off of laptop

A towel of soft cloth to place on keyboad of laptop to hold screen

Plastic card (I used a expired credit card) or thin flexable object to get inbetween frame of screen and laptop

New Laptop Screen, I got mine from here around $78  (They NOW have a feature where you can type in the modle number of your laptop screen to get a exact match, I reccomend that you do this before you order your replacement screen, i'll explain a little later)

First thing you do is flip your laptop to the back side, pull the lock tab to release the laptop battery.


Step 2:

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Next, you will use your x-ato knife, or small pointed object (I just used a really small flathead screwdriver) and pry off the rubber feet that are on both sides of the bottom (and maybe top) of your laptop screen. Check

Step 3:

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The rubber feet were hiding two screws that you need to remove before you take off the front plate of the screen housing.
Use a small Phillips screwdriver for these screws.
Surferdude1 year ago
Thanks for this! My screen just crapped out and I was wondering how to replace the panel. I took the whole thing apart before I found this Instructable, but I needed to check all the connectors anyway. Ordered the new panel and it was really helpful to know how to take that 40-pin micro-connector off (and to know that I didn't have to completely disassemble the machine again).

You might note that (I think) the connector slides out, rather than just popping off as the disk drive connectors do. I put on a pair of magnifiers and noticed that there are tabs on the ends of the socket, so you can't just pull it off.