How to Repurpose Coffee Cups Into a Cute Desk Organizer





Introduction: How to Repurpose Coffee Cups Into a Cute Desk Organizer

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I work in a coffee company and one thing that's freely available to me are coffee cups. Needless to say, I use them everyday. More than 5 a day. (Gah, I feel the heartburn) and I see them lying waste too. (Criminal! Such a waste of paper. ) 

Now I was determined to repurpose some of them (the clean ones of course) and make something out of the ordinary. Yes, I'm bored of the usual pen stand/seedling planter ideas. Read on...

Step 1: Materials Required

Very quickly to the materials.

- Coffee Cups. The thin paper/plastic variety. Styrofoam ones won't be easy to stick together but you can use them if that works for you. 
- Stapler or Glue
- A little patience

And we're done!

Step 2: The Pattern

To join the cups, staple one side of each together. For a stronger bond, staple the rim of the two together and then move a little further down inside the cup and staple the base. This will look something like this. 

Step 3: Repeat Format

Keep on adding as many more cups as you want and voila! Your cute little desk organizer is ready! You can color the insides or cover them with interesting paper. 



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    all the others comments and congratulations! waw its cool for my workbench with some headfones in it with my cell!

    I used to drink water in these cups at work and feel guilty throwing them away, so I started collecting them. I started fiddling with them and came up with this.

    AMAZING!! I can't wait to make one of these to put on my desk (which I finishd painting yesterday). I saw this same idea as a lamp on some tv show.

    brilliant! will make this will confiscate used coffee cups from.. somewhere.
    .. hmm could put a light at the back.. and use as a mood light

    Yup! It was originally intended to be a lamp, but then I got lazy and just turned it into a desk organizer :D

    The pics I promised