Picture of How to ressurrect a dead mp3 player

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Step 1: Heres the plan

Picture of Heres the plan

here we have another dead mp3 player..

the problem ; dead battery , it wont hold a charge for more than a few hours.
its also scruffy looking  and a  hideous orange color under the aluminum tape i applied to it last year.
its a camnex ae900 2GB , mp3 /video player
with camera and a truly excellent ebook reader {thats how i wore out the battery]

what i intend to do is replace the battery and reskin it with something better.
it is too usefull to just dump and buy a new unit

Step 2: First lets try some failure

Picture of first lets try some failure
my first idea was to use this nice little casio battery i bought on clearance at wally world for 5 bucks it was a perfect fit for the space available and about the same capacity as the original one.
after opening the player up {4 screws in  plain sight}
i gently detached the battery from the sticky blocks of foam  that hold it in place.
then cut the wires one at a time to avoid short circuits.
at this point i noticed the battery casing says its 700mah capacity
but when the blue wrapper comes off of the dead battery it says its 650 .
lol if they were gonna lie about it why not make it a big lie.
at that point i tape the red wire to the positive terminal of the casio battery and the black wire to the negative.
then hook it up to the usb from my puter and wait and wait and wait .
the player lights up but the battery is cold and after several hours has not charged.
my guess is there is something  more required to charge up this battery or its a dud{it is at least 5 years old so that may have something to do with it}.
no matter i have a backup plan.

jperez1284 years ago
Why didn't you use this case on the other player? It looks in good condition.
lennyb (author)  jperez1284 years ago
heh heh good question it did occurr to me to do that but i wanted to try the ducktape cover and the blue case was to nice to mess up.
yet i am going to reuse that case when i add a removable canon camera battery to the player the transplanted battery is nearly dead again.... next instructable.
abun19914 years ago
I had an mp3 player almost exactly like that one, except mine could play NES games. My friends sister ended up tearing off the back of it. Why, I don't know