Picture of How to restore a Rubix Cube
This Instructable shows how to restore a Rubix Cube with out peeling off stickers.

All you need is a pen!

Step 1: Remove the pieces

Picture of Remove the pieces
Twist the cube, like the picture. Take your pen and put it underneath the cubelet, apply forc upwards the piece should come out. Using your fingers remove every other piece.
PaulL125 months ago
You spelled Rubik's wrong
ll.137 years ago
Hehe, you don't even need a pen (well, mine doesn't) sv_cheats 0
or_ford98 ll.133 years ago
lololol if you're in tf2 or cs though heehhe
3553745 years ago
i can't put it back together :(
nice !
err just learn how to solve it.
=SMART=7 years ago
hahaha this is how i completed mine in the first place
dsman1952767 years ago
at least i do it the real way...
Haha, in the video: Now go show off.