How to return a Kirby vacuum cleaner or anything else that's too expensive. (Or better yet refuse to buy in the first place!)

Picture of How to return a Kirby vacuum cleaner or anything else that's too expensive.  (Or better yet refuse to buy in the first place!)

Disclaimer:  This is not a knock against Kirby Vacuum Cleaners.  They probably make the best vacuum cleaner in the world, but if you've bought one or your 80 year old mother has bought one and the next morning you decide that a $1945 vacuum was not a good purchase there is something you can do.

Also I not an attorney and am not giving legal advice.  I'm passing along my experience and you should check the laws of your state before you act.

I can only speak of the laws of the state of Texas since that's where I live and where I have my experience.  Your state or country may vary.  Check the laws of returning/buyers remorse before you buy if you can and as soon as you can if you've already bought.

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Step 1: Before the buy.

Picture of Before the buy.

If you've not bought yet then do some research before making that purchase.  If you plan on buying something to pass down to your children or run a cleaning service maybe you need to spend $2000 on a vacuum cleaner.

But if there are less expensive models, brands or products that will meet your needs then maybe you should make your purchase differently.

Look at reviews of the different products that you are interested in.  A few bad reviews don't mean the product is bad or their service is bad but if you find hundreds or thousands of bad reviews then you should probably look elsewhere.

If you don't know how to do a search go here and ask a question.  You can even ask for an opinion there if you like.

If you find that the high priced item is what you really need then by all means buy that one.

Mike734 years ago
I read your comment on my case and stumbled over this instructable because while I lived in the US I had one visit from a Kirby sales person. Well, we already had our GE vacuum for 2 years and told the guy we wouldn't need another vacuum. But he didn't want to go away allthough I told him front up I wouldn't buy one. To be nice I did let him in, offered some coffee, too. He did his magic for about 1-2 hrs. Man, it was really hard to get him out of the house again. But still, I couldn't be that rude to just close the door when he rang the bell. But we had some fun :-) Just whatever you do (if you let them in or not), if you're committed not to buy, then don't buy. Our GE vacuum worked well for our 3 year stay and for the price of the Kirby I could have gotten at least 19 vacuums.
Re-design (author)  Mike734 years ago
It's dangerous to let them in unless you can really say NO. Some of them are very persuasive and it's hard to say no over and over. After a while even a strong person starts to think well maybe I do need one of these. I did like your case. It is adaptable to lots of different things and is very protective and attractive at the same time. A great DIY project.
Re-design (author)  Re-design4 years ago
By the way how do you like your Ipad???
I just love it to say the least. I'm surfing the internet from the couch after I had set up connectify on my laptop. This gives me enough wifi area throughout my condo. I also read a lot on it. I have downloaded some games, too, but the only game that is mostly played is solitaire (the card game) which my wife just loves. Another nice app is one which lets my little one practise maths.
twocvbloke4 years ago
I love Kirbys, but I hate the way they're forcefully sold. My dad used to do it (before being upgraded to being an engineer) and he hated it too, and he was the poor sod having to sell them!!! Kirby uses an archaic system for sales, if you find a brand new, never used (and never refurbished) Kirby for sale in a retail environment, they really do not like it, they buy the machines back and dismiss the dealer(s) who tried to sell them, and that's where they're going wrong. Up to about £/$1000-1200 is what a new one is worth, after that, it's the salesman's cut, so the more they sell them for, the more they earn. Also, you often find that some of the Kirbys sold as new are actually refurbished models, so technically they are selling used goods as new, which is unlawful. Here in the UK, by law you have the right to a refund if you felt pressured into buying something, so you're legally covered, and Kirby should provide a cooling off period after handing over the cash or entering into a credit agreement. My advice, save your money, buy one off ebay instead. Or in the US, a thrift store may have them for hardly anything, though often they need to be cleaned out cos they're donated because they're not picking up, usually caused by the owners not bothering to change the bags (how else do they thing the dirt comes out of the things???), worth a look if you want one... :) And no, they're not the best, they're one of the most multi-functional yes, but it's a case of "jack of all trades, master of none"... :)
Re-design (author)  twocvbloke4 years ago
All good information.
acidbass4 years ago
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Re-design (author)  acidbass4 years ago
Ain't that the truth!
i dont think either of us has the funds to enjoy it either but i could be mistaken
acidbass4 years ago
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