Picture of How to reupholster a recliner seat
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I found a recliner beside a Dumpster. The bones were good, but it needed a new seat because the vinyl had holes with stuffing coming through. I looked all over online for instructions, but had to figure this out on my own. I hope this helps someone else. Total cost for this project -- $2 in upholstery fabric -- $3 for fabric glue -- for a total of $5, give or take a few cents.

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Step 1: Measure the fabric for your seat.

Picture of Measure the fabric for your seat.
I found a box of upholstery fabric at a yard sale a few years ago. The larger sample pieces were 26 inches by 28 inches, which worked for this project.

For a recliner seat, measure the fabric larger than where you want to lay it --  leaving a 1/2 inch on the left, right and front. Leave about 4 inches of fabric on the back to glue and tuck into the back of the recliner.

The 1/2 inch edge on the left, right and front will be folded under, glued and stitched.

Step 2: Glue fabric down

Picture of Glue fabric down
I used fabric glue. I've found this glue to be very good for all fabric projects. It's flexible and that's important for this project because people will be sitting on it which would shift the fabric considerably if it wasn't secured.

I laid down a thin layer all over the vinyl surface and working from the middle, laid the fabric on top and smoothed it out.

Vampyra651 year ago

Very nicely done. I will keep this in mind if I ever find a nice chair like yours.

MrCool002363 years ago
i think you made it sad (sad face on back, first pic) lol
SandLizard4 years ago
Thanks for this. I think it will help repair the damage my dog did to my sofa. I will have to add stuffing and foam rubber he tore out but your gluing and sewing i'ble will be a lot of help. Now to try to teach him not to tear up the furniture.
gannon5 years ago
Excellent upcycling project-- thanks for sharing!
Creativeman5 years ago
Good job,'re off to a great start! Cman
torileigh (author) 5 years ago
Thanks! My dad walked in the room and plopped down and I cringed, but the stitches are holding really well. It's taken a beating from my kids as well and so far, so good. :)
framistan5 years ago
Wow!!! a VERY creative fix. I had to click on your instructable, because i know SEWING would be almost impossible with a normal sewing machine. To machine sew this kind of fabric you would need a machine called a WALKING-FOOT machine... very expensive. I really like your solution to the problem!! You took something that was a piece of JUNK... and with only a curved needle and a little fabric made it into a very nice looking chair. Well done.