I have a first gen. iPod nano dock that was just lying around the house. It is now useless because I lost my nano a few years ago. So, I was iPod-less for a sort time. After the ipod-blues... I got the iPod Touch. Having no dock for it, I had the brilliant idea of reviving my old lonely nano dock. Instead of buying another one, which is like $$.
Here's how I did it.

Step 1: Things You'll Need.

Here are your materials.

- Ruler
- pencil
- sand paper
- swiss knife / leatherman
- iPod nano dock
Hey, I thought of doing this with my iPhone so I could have it charged and connected to my stereo through the line-out. When I tried testing it before cutting and such, I couldn't get my line-out to work. Does yours?
i did this but used the adapter too, its pretty kl, its quite hard to do though so its probs easier your way.
Nice Job! You could of also used an ipod touch Adapter.

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