Step 5: Fishing Lure: Paracord Pieces of Length 2-4 Inch

Instructable member RedneckEngineer created an awesome tutorial here.

Also, very short pieces are easy zipper pulls. Just feed through the zipper tab and tie an overhand knot, or melt and fuse if its too short to knot.
<p>they said try be nice while u comment... Tarun, you r definitely in India, coz that aint &quot;paracord&quot; is it? Its very sad that it's not available easily in India. What r ur thoughts on this? I have made soooooooo many projects since i got hooked on knotting, but sadnthat we dont get good quality cord with consistent colors and size and durability :-( siiiigh.</p>
You are right.. This is actually a cheap Chinese stuff sold under the name Paracord or parachute cords. I use them only for craft projects. You can get tactical Paracord in India but it is ridiculously expensive.
<p>btw, do u realise that u maybe d 1st cord instructor in entire Indyah! Yayy to that!</p>
I am so glad to know that you think this way. Though I am really not sure if I'm the one. Thanks a lot.
<p>btw, do u realise that u maybe d 1st cord instructor in entire Indyah! Yayy to that!</p>
<p>I just used to tie the ends together until they made a string long enough for my cat or dog to play with. I make them faster then they can destroy them, so I'll try some of these ideas!</p>
<p>That's Great !! Thanks</p>
<p>I have done a few of these. For paracord people I use a wooden bead for a head. Put a bight through a wooden bead and then attach it to a key ring. I also use scraps to carry bottled water. I tie a constrictor know around the neck of the bottle, follow that with a square knot to be certain it won't come loose, then tie the ends together with a square knot or a doubled up overhand, and I clip a carabiner to it. Quick and easy carrier for a water or soda bottle. Also, I've heard of that formula many times, but I never use a ruler to measure my paracord so I always have scraps. </p>
<p>Those are some really good uses, thanks for sharing :)</p>
<p>Great instructable, I would use most of these great ideas, except I have made formulas of exactly how much cord to use... down to the inch for most of my creations and products. Great job though!</p>
<p>I too would like to see these formulae.</p>
<p>The formula is actually something a lot of people use for the cobra bracelets, 1 foot paracord/inch of bracelet + 1 extra inch when you get to an 8 inch bracelet.</p>
<p>Cool!! I am going to try this. Thanks.</p>
<p>Thank you so much :). Would you mind if ask you to share your formula :)</p>
Cool, but might I add that, along with the heart, you can add a cancer awareness ribbon to a bracelet? I will be doing an ible on how to make one shortly, if anyone is interested in checking that out.
<p>Great Idea :) I am looking forward to see it.</p>
<p>Don't forget - for pieces 2 to 4 feet - shoe and boot laces.</p>
<p>Ahha!! See we focus too much on special uses that we forgot the most common one. Thank you so much :)</p>
<p>Very nice article, I have just green scraps right now but as I get more colors I want to make some paracord jewelry for my girls, I think they would enjoy the rings.</p>
<p>Thank you so much :), please do share if you make something :)</p>
Collect it and melt into wood molds and make gun grips and slingshots
<p>Interesting!!! thanks for the Idea :)</p>
<p>nice recycling! But it's kinda girly. Don't u think</p>
<p>The idea is reuse.</p>
<p>Sexist alert!!!</p>
Nice I am a big paracord fan although I have no posted paracord items. I've made paracord items for a long time and this is a great reuse.
I have used my scraps to secure smaller or thin items. like my fish poles when they are broken down or hang hats from my ceiling. ive also used it to secure my binoculars to my rifle and often will carry plenty of full sized cord with me on hunting trips or times that ill be in the woods for lengthy periods of time but i also take plenty of scrap cord out with me aswell. There is a million and one functions for it
this is great! I've always wondered what to do with the rest xD
man this is really cool gr8 info to know
<p>Thank you :), I am glad you liked it.</p>
<p>I like the rings and the heart!</p>
<p>Yaaayy!! rings were totally my Idea :).</p>
<p>Awesome! I loved the button!</p>
Little hard to follow with the first one
<p>I am sorry I do not understand what you mean.</p>
i did the ible for the para cord keyring. keywords paracord and keyring. hopefully atleast a little entertaining.
<p>Wow... I liked the Idea. Thank you for letting me know:)</p>
How about headband accents, book marks ...the list is endless :-)
<p>Thank you Shazni :). Why don't you help me extend this list :)</p>
<p>would love to. ..except I'm trying to squeeze time to get my papercraft project done. :-\</p>
<p>No worries.. this one is not pressed for time :).And I an excited to see what are you up to :)</p>
<p>It's 3 a.m. and I have just published my instructable ! let me know what you think :-) I'm like soooo trying for the Papercraft Contest!!</p><p>rushing off to take a couple of hours of sleep now :-]</p>
<p>Awesome work Tarun! love the keychain fobs ;)</p>
<p>Thank you, Thank you Muhaiminah :D</p>
<p>Cool idea - yes young girls will love this. I am using my scraps to make a 'rag rug' type guitar strap. You can really weave anything you want just by fusing together your scraps. The different colors can make really cool colors when finished weaving. </p>
<p>Aha... I see you have an ible in progress. That looks great. </p>
<p>Wow... 'rag rug' sounds great. Please share a picture if you have one. Thank you :)</p>
will do... i will tag you or pm you when i get it done again.
<p>I would really appreciate that. Thank you.</p>

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