Introduction: How to Reuse the Old LCD Screen of Your Broken Laptop

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This is a super simple but also very awesome project. You can turn any modern laptop screen into a monitor with the proper driver board. Connecting those two is easy as well. Just plug in the cable and done. But I took it one step further and also build a nice case from acrylic glass. Let's build it!

Step 1: Watch the Video!

The video gives you all information you need to build this right. But I will give you some help to order the correct LVDS driver board.

Step 2: Order the Correct Board!

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Those LVDS controller boards are everywhere on the internet. If you are looking for a cheap one which can do DVI&VGA I would recommend this one:

I think the HDMI port increases the price very much. But here is the board that I used. Like I said it isn't cheap:


Step 3: Get Creative With Your Case!

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I used acrylic glass to build my case. But everything is possible. Why not try wood or plastic? I would love to see your case ideas in the comment section.

Step 4: Success!

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You just built your own monitor from an old LCD screen. That is kind of awesome.
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YesItsMeJimmy (author)2016-07-29

Is it possible to do this with an old android tablet?

yes, with any LCD monitor, and not like this:

Isaac Kemp (author)2017-10-02

GreatScott,can you build a lab bench power supply with a volt and amp tester with LED display?

Katsblues6 (author)2017-06-14

Can you use the monitor controller card from the laptop I got the screen out if? I am just learning electronics so I am just experimenting with different ideas. Thank you for a great instructable.

Onairam (author)2016-08-31

I've seen this project a while ago and now that i found an unused laptop screen I got more into it, so I wanted to know if any of the controller boards that you shared would work with any screen model, or do i have to search for a compatible one?

JoseC437 (author)Onairam2017-03-11

not sure if you already did this but just look up the model number or contact the seller he used, they're pretty good and will tell you if they have the boards you need

AliM139 (author)2016-03-19

How can I get controller board In Pakistan?? We don't have ebay, amazon in Pakistan :/ Kindly reply

ShaunW28 (author)AliM1392016-08-31

funniest comment on the internet hands down

DubMonster (author)2016-06-15

i cant find control board for HSD100IFW1 screen

MichaelA349 (author)DubMonster2016-07-19

Check Ebay

elleadnih made it! (author)2014-12-30

It also works for mac! planing on doing two more in this month, THANKS!

BeniR3 (author)elleadnih2016-02-28

Your monitor looks really neat! :)
I should have taught about using the whole screen, before i've riped it apart.. ^^
Were you able to screw the screen-cover open?

mchau2 (author)BeniR32016-05-17

to me, the bigger mystery is where to find a broken mac that i can tinker with!

BeniR3 made it! (author)2016-02-28

How much weighs your whole display? I'm thinking about making two more of these. I thought i could use it as a "field-monitor" but my adjustable arm can only support up to 2 kg. I think, I'm just using it at home. For now i must bring a second tripod and that's not really handy.

BeniR3 (author)BeniR32016-02-28

My display weighs a bit more than 3 Kg..

GreatScottLab (author)BeniR32016-03-21

Mine is 555g. No this is not a joke.

BeniR3 (author)GreatScottLab2016-03-21

wow, i must have done something wrong.. :'D
In this case I'm gonna build at least a second one and i try to build it more like yours. ^^

tucker2macor2 (author)2015-11-17

power suply

homer2 (author)2015-10-01

think you

crank_girl (author)2014-08-03

Neat! :)

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