How to Ride a Ripstik





Introduction: How to Ride a Ripstik

In this instructable i will teach you how to ride a ripstik

I havent added the video yet but i will

Step 1: Get a Ripstik

go out and buy a ripstik if you havent bought one

Step 2: Make Sure It Works

move the wheels around a little bit to break it in and make sure that the torsion bar works to do this move the two parts back and forth

Step 3: Get on It

step on your ripstik with your front foot

Step 4: Push Off With Your Back Foot

now push off with your back foot and put it on the back of your board


move you feet back and forth like you are hula hooping

Step 6: Turning

To turn move one foot to the front and one foot to the back

Step 7: Safety

wear a helmet and elbow and knee pads if your going to get serious

Step 8: Ta-Da

Now i know i havent taught you everything but i did teach you the basics

by the way this was my first instructable

Step 9: Video

heres a vid of me riding



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how do you turn with a homemade one with a solid deck

@ GO-LO you sit on the back put your feet on the front and get someone to push as hard as they can. It is easy because the ground is smooth and the bearings and wheels are new. It goes fast. No helmet is more fun.

it's called a reply button, it's alot easier.

you put @ GO-LO instead of clicking "reply"

um...i dont know what you mean!!?? i jump???? cause i keep falling off!! :( pleease helP!!!!

I think nanor11395 means to twist your front foot to the way you want to turn and the back foot in the opposite direction.