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I believe most people would think that downloading music from the internet is a laborious job also includes me, I am an ardent fan who always rips music from some free online music websites like Pandora, but every time when I begin to rip Pandora music, it always causes some troubles. I do not know how to figure it out, then I try to find a way that can help me make it without any effort. I cannot imagine that I can finally work out. Yes, it was because of Streaming music recorder that I can rip Pandora radio, surprisingly I even can rip songs off Pandora with great ease, I am so happy with it, this software just costs a little, so I think it deserves that. Just some few steps that we can get Pandora download.

1. All you need to do is install this program, just follow the instructions to get things done.
2. After this, you can go to the Pandora website, and then find the right music for playing. Before this, you need sign up for a free Pandora account.
3. Just rip music from Pandora now, please turn to “record” button, then right hit “on" button, it rips music from Pandora radio automatically.
4. If want to end it, you just record “off" button.
5. That's it, you rip Pandora music successfully.
6. One thing I want to remind of you is that you can directly save your music files to WMA, MP3, OGG, WAV etc. Just make a few settings of recording.

Yes, that’s the thing. With Streaming Music Recorder, it could not be more simple. This is the best time that I experience the convenience and simplicity. Moreover, there is still far more to be done. For instance, after you rip Pandora radio, you can convert them for your devices iPad2, iPod, iPhone4 and PSP etc. If you please, you can also burn your music files to your home CDs or car CDs so that you can enjoy the pleasure of music at any time and any place. You won’t distress yourself about how to rip Pandora music.

In my view, it is definitely a good and cool software, I just want to get something interesting and effective to share with everybody, hope you will like it. I guess you won’t disappoint at this. Ok, just have a try for this, take your favorite music from Pandora. It is not that tough. Just download this application now.
Here is a tutorial shows you how to download Pandora music, worth trying.
gdavidson31 year ago
There is a free, open source alternative that works for as well. It's called iRadio Capture 2.0, google it.
Please note that this is trial software and cannot record more than 3 minutes of Pandora unless you pay for the software. I deleted it, as I did not think it was worth $39.99.
Although this is technically illegal, due to the terms of use referenced by Dchall8, the fact of the matter is that it has not been challenged in court. My guess is that a) the court would take into account that you are recording the stream for personal use only, and b) the case would be similar to the early video taping cases, where the courts found that recording copyrighted materials for personal use or personal archives does not violate copyright as it does not infringe on the copyright holders ability to sell the product and make a profit. I'm not a lawyer, but it would be nice to have one comment on this.
gobot3 years ago

Library--I think it's ok to record material you've checked out, and it helps reinforce the artists' popularity in the library system.

Buy songs thru a listener-sponsored website, it helps out the station.

Used CDs n vinyl.

At least sign up for Pandora's paid service, it's REALLY cheap. Doesn't make it any more legal.
dchall83 years ago
While you are signing up for the free Pandora account, pay particular attention to item 3 in the terms which reads in part...


You agree that you will not:

3.1 use the Pandora Services to reproduce copyrighted materials;

3.2 copy, store, edit, change, prepare any derivative work of or alter in any way any of the tracks streamed through the Pandora Services;

edward2011 (author)  dchall83 years ago
Hello, thanks for your comment. Well, we just use this software to record pandora music for personal entertainment, but not distribute them in any form. Besides, we can say it is legal to record streaming audio. So do not worry that you will violate the music copyright if using.
If you reread the Pandora agreement, it does not allow music to be recorded for personal use. The personal use you are thinking of is for CDs that you have purchased. Sometimes you are allowed to make one copy to back up your original.

Note also that just because you say it is legal, it is not legal and you can be fined for theft. One of my neighbors got sued by the music industry for copying 34 songs. Her fine is over $200,000. Seems a little outrageous to me, too. She was 17 years old when they sued her.  She will be paying this off the rest of her life. 
To the record companies, I say bring it on. They sue average people for ridiculous amounts, and they sued limewire for 75 trillion USD, 13 trillion more than exists in the world. after all that they treat artists like crap and destroy the very industry that has made them all their money. short of going 1984 on us, they'll never stop pirating on a large enough scale to mean anything. To quote Humungus, "just walk away." preventing pirating is a pipe dream.
read 3.1 Again--it says --Thou shalt NOT !!!!!!!!