Introduction: How to Roll a Joint ! (if You Dont Like It Don't Read It !!)

Picture of How to Roll a Joint ! (if You Dont Like It Don't Read It !!)

A guide to rolling a joint . (the Canadian Way EH ! )

Step 1: Equipment Required

Picture of Equipment Required

Tools needed 2 roll a joint
1. rolling material i used water melon flavored papers but you can use anything you want =)
2. A bud buster or scissors
3. And most importantly Weed

Step 2: Cutting Up the Weed !

Picture of Cutting Up the Weed !

You need to cut up ur weed so depending if ya got a bud buster or not chopping method may vary.

}}}he weed needs to be cut up very good so that it will burn evenly

Step 3: Rolling the Weed Into a Joint

Picture of Rolling the Weed Into a Joint

Rolling is an art ! so everyone has different methods , This one is called the tuck and roll method

1.)spread the weed evenly across the rolling paper
2.)Then fold the end closest to you toward the top of the rolling paper
3.)and fold it while rolling the paper covered weed in between your fingers
4.)now lick the glue end of the paper and finish rolling the joint

Step 4: Smokin Ur Joint (optional)

Picture of Smokin Ur Joint (optional)

Now your joint is ready to smoke so light one end and inhale like smoking a cigarette




A good name (author)2008-07-13

This should be taken down. It's illegal.

not in all contrys

DannyS74 (author)A good name2016-05-15


in America and plenty of other places but this the internet i cant get high off a picture. tobacco smokers could use this. not that they should, smoking in my opinion is the worst invention ever. plenty of people would disagree but the trees/plants lost, and the factories that make the stuff aren't helping the environment not to mention cancer/death. but not much you can do about it.

IMO smoking cigarettes is worse than weed (although I can't say that I'm a big fan of either)

AndrewR9 (author)cornflaker2015-05-15

Cigarettes and weed are good so the people who smoke them wont contribute to the gene pool (hopefully and will die)

don't you know getting high off of pictures is the #1 cause of teen deaths


AstroFire (author)A good name2015-01-29

Its not illegal if you believe in the psychadelic power of THC

cornflaker (author)A good name2009-06-26

Depends what country you live in, its illegal here is Aus, but in some countries its actually legal.

A good name (author)cornflaker2009-07-05

Ah that's a good point I suppose...

braveulysses (author)A good name2008-09-07

how is it illegal?

AstroFire (author)2015-01-29

Its not illegal if you believe in the power THC

wherewillwhy (author)2014-09-21

guess whos back

wherewillwhy (author)2009-08-12


weedman360 (author)2009-04-30

where do you get weed

y3yo (author)2009-03-30

Dnt use gum wrappers. (is that even safe?) I would get a cigarello, its easier to roll and gives you a better and badass feeling. You get em at any gas station, you just gotta be 18 years old. If you got connections like me then you'll have no problem. : ]

Plaid Demon (author)2007-12-13

it's things like weed that make me wish i had cancer

glaucoma not cancer

actually, i have leukemia and am prescribed medical marijuana in the state of Massachusetts. leukemia is a type of cancer. theres your fact =]

nicolay324 (author)Plaid Demon2008-07-07

if you got cancer you could get prescribed weed = ]

Kiteman (author)yesicannabis2007-05-14

So he writes about rolling an herbal cigarette.

Except it's not "herbal", is it?

Innocuous compared to other posts IMHO, i.e.:
Flavouring a legal drink? How is that harmful?
Flavouring fruit with a legal drink. How is that harmful?
Mixing legal drinks together. How is that harmful (except to your wallet)?
Antisocial, granted, unhealthy as well, but far less so than weed, and quite legal.
A millenia-old skill, and quite legal.
Horrors, a repeated Instructable. Still legal, though.
My goodness, what do you have against beer?
Yep, definitely got something against beer. Perhaps therapy?
No, sorry, it's all legal forms of alcohol he has a problem with.
Good grief, is no culture safe?

Considering pot is less harmful than most foods we eat, I can't help but see the large hypocritical elephants in the room dissing on this poor chap.
Oh, this I've got to see - what food is more dangerous than a substance that causes paranoia, memory-loss, cancer, hallucinations, loss of motor skills, and is illegal to grow, own, use and supply?

rebladkins (author)Kiteman2007-11-01

Actually, you should probably do a little research. Ignorance is not a virtue. tobacco is the leading cause of death in the United States, followed by alcohol(even without traffic fatalities), legal pharmacueticals come next, then illegal chemicals. Notice I did not mention marijuana. In the history of the human species, not even one person has even overdosed on marijuana let alone died as the result of its use. Also, for your information, I do not personally use marijuana. Does it not seem hypocritical that a heroin addict can visit a compassionate doctor and receive a prescription for legal opiates or go to the local "Methadone Clinic" for a legal daily fix? Or how can you think it is acceptable for you or any other person , to walk into a drug store, grocery store, liquor store, bar, or pharmacy, for legal/deadly substances(tobacco, alcohol, prescription medications) with absolute immunity and freedom? Why should your rights be protected while the rights of others are trampled? So, if you smoke cigarettes(fouling the air I breath), drink alcohol(killing my children by driving drunk), are addicted to your legal medications prescribed by your physician, keep your mouth shut, you have no right to speak!!! I personally will not be intimidated.

Kiteman (author)rebladkins2007-11-02

Try researching death per thousand users.

Tobacco, alcohol and legal pharmaceuticals are used by a much high number of people than illegals, and so have much higher fatality rates.

I did not say anybody had died of a marijuana overdose - they are killed by the cancers it causes, and damaged by the psychological effects.

The point is, this project promotes an activity that is illegal.

I do not smoke, I do not drink-drive, I take no addictive medication, and whether I do or not, I have every right to speak. And why on earth would I try and intimidate you? I don't even know you - you have only just joined the site, apparently for the specific purpose of supporting an illegal activity and to accuse me of being a drink-driver.

GreenDay (author)Kiteman2009-01-12

There is actually no link between weed and cancer. That's not a valid argument anymore.


Kiteman (author)GreenDay2009-01-13

The author of that report still agrees that it is dangerous, though.

Digital_Anarchy (author)Kiteman2007-11-13

i'm sorry but what part of the activity being illegal has any bearing on this arguement. the point is, however dangerous the subject matter of the instructable is (many "make a bomb" type instructables are more dangerous) it is the end user who is ultimatly responsable for his/her own safety.

anyway, quit the flame war.

Kiteman (author)Digital_Anarchy2007-11-13

Agreed, end-use is the responsibility of the end-user, but before you strike a match, you must commit a crime to follow this project. There no actual bombs (that I am aware of) on this site, but the various explosive projects are not illegal in most areas where the project can be read.

I cast no insults, I tell no lies, I spread no hear-say, I check my facts, much of my data is primary-source. I see no flames.

Good grief, is no culture safe?"

my mom made some of this and its very healthy for you, she felt alot better when she took doses of it every day than when she didnt. a word of caution: its poisonous in large doses, dont take more than a cup a day.

oh and its not alcohol, its just broken down by the fungus.

carbon (author)Kiteman2007-06-26

Well done. ::golf clap::

its not that its harmfull, its that you do stupid stuff when your high.

!Andrew_Modder! (author)2007-05-07

That is not cool, and you should NOT teach people how to get high!!!!!!!!! BAD!@!!!!

GreenDay (author)!Andrew_Modder!2009-01-12

People will figure it out by themselves or use google. As the poster said "If you don't like it don't read it"

Awesometron (author)2007-06-18

I gotta agree with hide98, dude. I'm from British Columbia and you know where our weed comes from? Our neighbors. It helps the economy and chills us all out. Get off your high horse already.

antennas (author)Awesometron2007-11-30

Your neighbors who steal electricity who risk burning down your neighborhood, who have guns to protect their GROW, who will have an attack dog bite you if you get too close. Oh yes what a nice bunch of people. Wake up and take your head out of the sand.

mredmundson (author)antennas2008-01-23

This topic is way old but I have to respond, you sound like you just got out of a middle school anti-drug propaganda class. The kind where a friendly police officer comes in and tells you the "evils" of doing drugs. At least do some of your own thinking. Go to a medical website or wiki and read about marijuana's effects on people, then do the same with coffeine, or Ridilin and really think about why pot is still illegal. Stop listening to D.A.R.E and come to your own conclusions.

antennas (author)mredmundson2008-01-23

Well mredmundson you sound like a naive person. I have seen 1st hand what pot does to folks. Right from the beating one got from his dealer. To the grows with guns and electrical wires all over the place. Also pot has way more chemicals inhaled than even a cigarette. Please YOU do some research. We can't even control alcohol and we want to legalize pot? HA good luck what a mess that would be. Oh well we all have our thoughts and I will agree to disagree with you. God day.

GreenDay (author)antennas2009-01-12

Why did he get beat by his dealer. People don't beat people without a reason. It must have been a really good reason if a WEED dealer beat someone up. You're anti-weed yet you've seen grow ops? Explain that. Then so me some proof about all of these chemicals in weed. Without backing I call bullshit.

Awesometron (author)antennas2007-11-30

Yeah, too bad it's not legal, then we could just buy it at the store! The problem with the war on drugs is that when it's illegal, the quantity demanded stays the same, or, as history has shown, increaes. This would be fine, but since demand for drugs tends to me more or less inelastic, the price dealers put on the drugs rises as much as they want it to, and since there is a scarcity, whether they want to or not, they tend to jack it up pretty high. That's when the real crime starts. Get your priorities in order. There are enough wars to be concerned about today, are there not?

KentsOkay (author)Awesometron2007-06-19

The bold message to you

KentsOkay (author)Awesometron2007-06-19

Ok so maybe you aren't part of the international drug economy, but it still affects your community.

dethshil (author)2007-05-07

I think this qualifies as a decent instructable. Pictures and explanation is good. Because I'm not a registered member of the morality police I'll give it a plus in rating.

damasta (author)dethshil2007-07-11

i see you use only weed, and no tobacco, doesn't this make it stop burning all the time? and have you ever tried the backwards roll, it is best with non-flavored papers, but still, try rolling it the wrong way (this time the right one) lick it and close it at tight as possible, then burn off the paper that's left, this gives you less paper to smoke, because noone has ever gotten high of just paper greets from the only country where you can legally get high

cnawan (author)damasta2008-01-30

Mixing weed and tobacco is a strange abberration, supposedly causing more lung damage than tobacco or marijuana alone, as the weed relaxes your lungtubes, allowing the gunk to go deeper into your lungs - that and weed smoke is typically drawn in deeper and held in longer. Perhaps you're not grinding your weed fine enough or it isn't dry enough? Greets from the country with the highest per capita consumption of marijuana in the world

I'd never even heard of mixing in tobacco, 'til I went to school in Ottawa. They crazy over there. We used to even use reg'lar pot to roll the hash with. Called it a "Sweet Marie".

i live in ottawa and go to school there to. me and my friends never put tobacco in it. i guess it's what school you go to because i know school's in certain places who put tobacco in it. but in my school is just stupid we did e and weed at the same time :S...never again...but also police in ottawa aren't as anal about weed smoking, aslong as your nice to them and don't blow smoke in there face your all good. and some politicians smoke weed publicly while compaining MARIJUANA PARTY!!

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