Picture of How to root your Nexus 7
Rooting devices is EXTREMELY easy. It might seem hard, but really it can be done with the click of a button. I will tell you how to do it on here, but you can also find my tutorial here.
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Step 1: Downloading NRT

Picture of Downloading NRT
*Just letting you know, rooting VOIDS your warranty!*

There are two root programs that I’ve used. Those would be the Nexus Root Toolkit, and Nexus 7 Toolkit. I find both easy, but NRT is easier, and I will be using NRT for this tutorial.

Step 1. Download, and run the program. Click OK and stuff until you get to the menu shown in the picture.
As you can see, you have the driver installation guide,  backup/restore, root, OEM lock, unlock, and flash stock unroot. Those are pretty self explanatory, so I won't explain what they all are.

Step 2: Root your device!

Picture of Root your device!
Step 2. Unlock your device. Plug your Nexus into your computer via USB. It will tell you to allow USB debugging on your nexus. To do this, go to developers options (If you aren’t a developer, go to About Tablet and hit the build number about 8 times.), and check USB Debugging. It will ask you to trust your computer. Now, click the Unlock button. Allow that to do its job, and once it redirects you to the menu again, click Root. It will do the rest. Once you get back to the menu, your device should be rooted. Go on your Nexus and run the SuperSU app, and then BusyBox.  To test to make sure your device is rooted, you can get Root Checker. On Root Checker, press Check. If status shows Rooted, your device is rooted!

Once its rooted, your warranty is voided. I’ve had my Nexus replaced before, and I rooted the first device, but I flashed Stock android on it and locked it again, and they replaced it. So, apparently, your warranty is only void while your device is rooted.
clonestranger10 months ago
Is this legal?

Legal yes, but will void OEM warranty...if that matters to you

farmerboyk (author)  zhuk5 months ago

As I said in step one, it does void the warranty. I've sent my nexus in twice to be replaced, and both times it was under warranty but I still rooted them. I just reflashed stock and relocked it and they never said anything.

zhuk farmerboyk5 months ago

Sure, have been reading about reflashing to stock in androidcentral and just as you say, how could they know it had been previously rooted. I only just got my nexus 7 yesterday, so am new to modifying a tablet at the root level. Thanks for the guide, I will try it out with NRT when I have access to a Win7 pc (I usually use Xubuntu) It seems a lot easier than having to manually input via a terminal etc for the tech noob

farmerboyk (author)  clonestranger10 months ago

Yes, of course! Android devices are almost MEANT to be messed with like this.