Introduction: How to Rope Braid Hair

My way to do


ileanaacquires (author)2009-06-22

this is so cool, i love it! thanks

Angeldeplata (author)2009-04-05

Very nice styling and hair, but what scares me is that thin O_O

JaliyahJames (author)2008-10-30

love it! You make it looks simple. Will try the style on my child.

Ubbo (author)2008-06-09

Beautiful hair!! Serious, its awesome! And dchall8 is right, you have a future in product presentation or even modeling! Keep it up!

dchall8 (author)2008-04-01

No comments yet?? Not even from GorillazMiko? Okay, I just have to say this. I usually hate the video demonstrations here on Instructables. Why? Because usually the poster thinks he or she can get away with only a video and not use still photos or written instructions. To me the written instructions need to come first, then illustrate with photos, and only if the process can be demonstrated should a video be used. Now having said that, I have watched all of Giannyl's videos and never wanted more instructions, written or still photos. I think she has a future in demonstrating products or ideas. One thing that sets her videos way above the rest is that she has a sense of knowing when to slow down the action, accentuate the action, or even replay the action when things get more complicated or tricky. Of course it helps that she has a beautiful smile, but again, she is different in the fact that she knows just when to smile. These are very good. Maybe Instructables needs to have a fashion or glamor contest?

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