Introduction: How to Run Command Prompt on a Computer That Has It Locked, and Get Into the Administrators Password

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The name says it all.
This instructable will tell you how to run CMD (Command Prompt) and change the password.

Step 1: Getting the Stuff

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Now you need the Application.
Go to
I recomend saving it onto a flash drive if you are doing this at school.

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Step 2: Installing Please Wait...........

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Now is the "Fun" Part. Now once you downloaded the Application you need to install it. Fun Fun! NOT. Follow the wizard and if youre using the flash drive, save it on the flash drive.

Step 3: The REAL Fun Part

Alright, this is really the fun part. Now you get to use CMDP (Command Prompt Portable) to hack the password of any user. Type net user and you should get a little chart of the users. Then type net user USER"S NAMEWhere USER"S NAME is type guess what? The user's Name. You should get a long line of data like last logon, etc. You should also get a line saying type new password here type the new password there and logoff and sign in administrator, and tada. You are done.

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TimJim (author)2015-12-31

how do I put on the locked computer, at its locks creek from an android if possible ?

TimJim (author)TimJim2015-12-31

I haven't a flash drive an am doing this all by ph9ne

nairbdryb (author)2015-03-23

hi, im trying to hack into my own computer just to see if i can do it. i go to my guest account and i can see the net user list. but i try to pull up their information and it says "access is denied"

kingepicluis (author)nairbdryb2015-12-23

I feel you brother I'm going through the same thing. My only goal is to figure out my dads password who is the administrator and i could reset his password but i would rather learn a way of knowing my administrators password.

cchou1 (author)2013-02-28

how did he get the change the password line????
i need it!!!!

PleaseHelpMeHack (author)cchou12015-02-12

You type in "net user USERNAME *", without the quotations and fill in USERNAME with the username @cchou1

drmjj55 (author)2008-12-01

sorry about that. I will be removing this instructable and working on it. I will then re-post it drmjj55

Gymcap (author)drmjj552014-02-15

you probably wont see this and you probably wont care but if you can get it to open in the lock screen then you have complete access over the whole computer and thus can change the admin password ect ect.

cchou1 (author)2013-02-28

how did that work all it showed was info and logons thats it

garagegenius (author)2012-06-12

i didnt get the change password line. which wondows were you using??

amerika1 (author)garagegenius2012-11-19

then you tupe in " net user (name of user) *
(be aware of the space after the name of user)

Sublivious (author)2008-12-01

Doesn't work when CMD is disabled via Group Policy.

awace (author)Sublivious2009-04-01

i found a crack around this the other day! download dosbox 0.72 from source forge this is how i play nintendo emulation I had on usb drive at library and tried it and it let me in dos cause it didnt know what it was you have to mount c c:\

Dark-player (author)awace2011-12-06

its not a crack... its an emulator for dos games...

awace (author)awace2009-04-01

make shure you get it from source forge they dont have popups or virus

Sublivious (author)awace2009-04-01

Can't install that software if you're in the Users group.

Dark-player (author)Sublivious2011-12-06

install on an usb flashdrive...

octavian234 (author)Sublivious2009-04-17

@echo off command @echo on save as .bat open and you have the unlocked cmd. worked on my schools comps

Dark-player (author)octavian2342011-12-06

thats probably batch...
echo off
start cmd /K
echo off
cmd /K
or make a batch file with all containing commands (like you said), but at errors it will throw you out-.-

Sublivious (author)octavian2342009-04-21

That works! Nothing fancy though, like being able to hit the up arrow to get the previous commands. Thanks!

hansel dsilva (author)2010-07-07

i downloaded the software N installed it N opened it N also made it run... but after i type"net user user-name"....i get all the deatils of last log.....but still cant understand how to change password????????.....

you could not change passwords of others, in school it wouldn't even work fo your account, 'cause your data is saved on an other computer...
This also only works if you already are an administrator. <---- Most kids forget this...

bjman664 (author)2011-11-04

my administrator is an IT business law teacher and so i need to unlock any type of command prompt before i can log on or change password etc. that makes me shad :(

collard41 (author)2008-12-01
to add urself as an administrator typenet localgroup (username) adminstrators /addto find out what groups you have on your computer, just type net localgroupthis is quite useful sometimes cos instead of /add you can put /deland it removes that username from that group.

anonymouse197 (author)collard412011-04-05

Sorry collard41, It might be a localized issue but for me your comment is unreadable, as it runs out of the edge of the text box. Incase anyone else has this issue I have copied your comment below!

to add urself as an administrator type:

net localgroup (username) adminstrators /add

to find out what groups you have on your computer, just type:

net localgroup

this is quite useful sometimes cos instead of /add you can put /del and it removes that username from that group.

kwebber321 (author)2011-03-08

this is smart and stupid. u do realize that some schools block you from opening applactions from a flash drive?

ampaxx (author)2011-01-07

If I did this, could I have it restore the old password? This is nice, but if it ends up getting me kicked out of school for messing with the administrator password (which would happen) it would not really have done anything for me

esalaka (author)2010-08-09

You know, you could've just used instead of Command Prompt Portable.

batch master (author)2010-07-23

drmjj55 ment to fill in the blank. My user is "nathan", so type net user nathan to change my password.

a4great (author)2010-01-26

acctually there is a much simpler way, look for a program called and it is the same thing. good instrucable though.

shoyru_master_11 (author)2009-10-25

Sublivious (author)2009-04-01

Doesn't work unless you're an Administrator.

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