Picture of How to run Day of the Tentacle on DS using SCUMMVM
Okay. This is a tutorial on how to get your old favourite Lucasarts games running on a nintendo DS and nintendo DS lite.

I managed to do this at 11 years old. I'm 15 now, and adding games like crazy!

I guarantee you this is an easy guide :-D

Step 1: Make sure you have a nintendo DS

Picture of Make sure you have a nintendo DS
Make sure you have a nintendo DS. i know it's crazy, but it's a key element :-D
Mine has a Disney Gamer sticker on it from one of my sister's games lol.
well that stinks but thank you for your time!
nerdsharpie (author)  SwaggerFul Swellow2 years ago
Aw thats ok! But Lego Starwars IS available on DS anyway! x
Yeah I was thinking about getting it but I just don't have the money to spare =(
Sooooo could I play LEGO Starwars on it? Sorry to ask this I'm not so advanced in this kind of stuff as you are.
nerdsharpie (author)  SwaggerFul Swellow2 years ago
http://scummvm.org/compatibility/ <--- this link shows all the games ScummVm is compatible with, if that helps :) xx have fun xx
nerdsharpie (author)  SwaggerFul Swellow2 years ago
Unfortunately, not the NEWER lucasarts games; only the old ones, which are pixley haha! Like "Sam & Max Hit the Road" "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusdae" "Day of the Tentacle" "Monkey Island 1 and 2" "Loom".
And i know lego starwars is lucasarts haha! I have it on PS2 :) XX
P.S It is a Lucas arts game
does this work with any PC game or just Lucas arts games? really want to know!
nerdsharpie (author)  SwaggerFul Swellow2 years ago
Only the old Lucasarts games, I'm afraid! :) x