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Update: 9/7/08, added in a FAQ Section.

Ever felt your DS could do more? A lot more? It can do more, and it can be activated through DS Homebrew. This Part by Part guide will help you learn about what is Homebrew, how to run it, where to buy items, recommended downloads and more.

And ideas, suggestions, questions, feel free to either PM me or just leave a comment here as long as you read the FAQ. ;)
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Step 1: What is Homebrew?

Homebrew is basically an independent developer, (whether it be one person or a team of programmers not working for any specific Major Name Developer, such as EA, Activision, Nintendo etc.

Homebrew run on the DS is either named:
- NAME.sc.nds
- NAME.nds.gba
- NAME.nds

E.g DSorganize.nds.gba or DSorganize.nds
I will be explaining each filetype later.

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ejferguson2 months ago
Cool! I just ordered an r4
PeriwinkleS7 months ago

Is it ok to use fan-made games (like pokemon hacks) That technically aren't commercial games?

whatevers6 years ago
Can i use just any SD card?
Noodle93 (author)  whatevers6 years ago
First you need a flashcard. Once you have a flash card, you can then use whatever SD format they use. R4 for example uses Standard MicroSD, which basically means non "SDHC" (secure digital high capacity, only exists for >8gb). Others can use SDHC, but then you'll have to refer to their manual.
Ok so I just got my daughter a dsi xl used and it came with an R4 card and had to micro sd cards tgat went inside of it and it played over hundred plus games well I did something and the ds said to update something so I did now I can't get her games to work there must have been some special software can you help me please I feel so bad because this was her Christmas present

i had similar problem. I downloaded new r4 files.


think it was the 1.8 version for my R4 card. download zip. open zip. copy new files to microsd card.

HERE http://www.mynds.fr/ you can find many information useful and help u more about nds games m3 carte and other
OK thanks
dcrout2 years ago
thanks for the great guide, very informative. i just ordered my r4i gold rts card for my new 3ds xl from http://www.thegamerdepot.com/buy-wood-r4i-gold-3ds-card-for-3ds-xl3dsdsids-p-150.html, everything works fine, but i'm wondering if i need to buy an ezflash 3in1 to run the gba games.
donnen3 years ago
r4i gold 3ds, linker r4i sdhc 3ds and ace3ds plus are the top card r4 in this moment, they can support all Nintendo consoles and also the 3DS XL(4.3..0-10), and can play the ds games recently!!!
crown3DS3 years ago
Now,many cards can work well on 3ds v4.0.0-7 as well as dsi v1.44,i have tested my ak2i on my v4.0.0-7 and my sister's dsi v1.44,works well.
Hello there, I just read your instructable on "How to run Homebrew on your Nintendo DS!" and had a question about the actual R4 device itself. I have looked everywhere regarding it's legal status and still have yet to find a reliable answer. So please forgive me for asking, but is the R4 cartridge legal to buy and own in the U.S? Thank you if you read this
If you have any questions, please contact our customer service!R4icardds@gmail.com,learn about R4DS
Noodle93 (author)  uoflcardsfan1506 years ago
Yes certainly. The R4 is indeed legal. The device itself does not break any U.S. laws (I believe). Where the biggest problem is, is that the R4, and all the other flashcarts are primarily used to download DS roms. THIS is illegal. No matter what people tell you that if you own it you can download it legally, you can't. Unless you own the game yourself, then you dump the ROM yourself from the Game Card (a very difficult process), then it is not legal. This is how I have interpreted the U.S. copyright laws and yes, there are many unreliable answers. Using one goes against Nintendo's usage policy, but purchasing and using one is perfectly legal.
Hello there, I just read your instructable on "How to run Homebrew on your Nintendo DS!" and had a question about the actual R4 device itself. I have looked everywhere regarding it's legal status and still have yet to find a reliable answer. So please forgive me for asking, but is the R4 cartridge legal to buy and own in the U.S? Thank you if you read this
You can get an assortment of R4 cards and the various types, which work with the Nintendo DS from various stores. The key is get a big micro sd card, which means that it can hold a lot of data.
jackyang4 years ago
mom1234 years ago
how mutch did it cost
chrizw1235 years ago
Hey everyone. Is there a way to put GBA ROMs on my r4i without any extra hardware? thnx:P
No, the R4i does not have enough ram and cpu for gba games but the dsiplayer can play gba games
skee ball4 years ago
does the thing you download on to your r4 have any virus's
FethrdWlf5 years ago
I own a DSi. What card supports them instead of the DS or DS Lite?
r4ds,m3 ds real...  I Think the gamehouse88.com is good for .maybe you can have a look at it .
R4s are all fake, and even though the copies have become really close its not safe to use them. The CAN brick your console, the R4 team abandoned the project years ago. Now the best cart to use is either an acekart or a cyclods the cycl ds can cost twice as much as the acekard sometimes.
Noodle93 (author)  junits155 years ago
Sigh. This instructable is redundant due to the change of technology.
it still applies to my situation, my DS got stolen but since i still have my R4 i don't want a DSi. i'm looking at used ds lites/originals.

Most of the time a card supports ds/ds lite + dsi or only just ds/ds lite. There isnt many the only support the dsi

If you have a DSi console, we recommend that you consult the category for DSi cards and select the R4i Gold card or the Red R4i card. You will be able to use the Gold card on both DSi and the DS Lite consoles (you will need to connect your DSi to the internet and download the 1.4 upgrade).

If you need more information about your issue , Please visit :


Noodle93 (author)  FethrdWlf5 years ago
I haven't used it, but http://www.acekard.com/product.php?type=ak2i seems to be the most popular atm.
Maxaxle5 years ago
Useful? Yes. But I think it could be a bit more extensive.
has anyone that hacks ever heard of an ar its not a ipod ect bu8t it is a cheat code organizer and u can put a game card into it to hack and play em
Shagglepuff7 years ago
You got ripped off by that store; the R4 costs $35, not $50!!!!!!!!!!
you guys really got ripped of i bought it for 17.00 here its on sale right now. I f you dont want it to come with the sd card its only 7.85 6.95 dollars shipping it comes with usb card reader and Its at http://www.dscardsdepot.com/ds-cards-r4-revolution.html?gclid=CKXxt4_OrJ4CFcZM5QodyHrkpg.
I bought mine for 9$
did you get an sd card with it cause the r4 only cost me 7.00 without sd card also i dont use r4 anymore  isold my ds and bought a psp
25 dollars including memory card and everything, freee shipping, and screen protectors.
You got ripped off! I bought a DSTT off of DealExtreme for $5, and it had free shipping and 1 year of limited warranty, and they would also replace the card if you received a cloned/fake DSTT card!
Noodle93 (author)  Arbitror6 years ago
Hey dude. I'm in Australia, that guy corrected me in USD. Also observe when the post was made. Last year. Yes, technology is getting cheaper, but this is no competition to who can find it the cheapest. This is merely a guide to homebrew.
Noodle93 (author)  Shagglepuff7 years ago
$50 AUD.
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