Step 4: Getting roms

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There is a funny law concerning roms. You have to own the game physically to have a rom legally. If you dont have the game, but have the rom, that is illegal.

but listen to this

Nobody cares

I have thousands upon thousands of roms in my computer. Its like downloading music on the internet, no one cares anymore

A quick google search for "roms" will bring up results

I am NOT liable for if you get caught downloading roms (seriously, you will never get caught, unless you run to nintendo, sony, or microsoft and show them your downloaded roms)
EDGE V.5 years ago
 How do you get a rom from the game? Is there a program for that or what?
Korbolt (author)  EDGE V.5 years ago
*cough* a quick google search for "roms" should help *cough*

To get the roms in the first place, there is special hardware you can get that copies the rom from a cartridge (N64, GBA, ect) to a PC
EDGE V. Korbolt5 years ago
 What's the program called?
Korbolt (author)  EDGE V.5 years ago
You dont need to actually copy the rom from the cartridge, chances are it is already on the internet.
http://www.coolrom.com has the widest selection i have seen in a while
find the console you want to get games for, download, open the .zip file you just downloaded, and there is the rom. Copy paste it to the roms section in your emulator, and your set

If you actually wanted to go through the trouble of copying the rom from the cartridge to your PC, your will have to resort to some homebrew device that you have to make yourself. In a nutshell its like a console that plugs into your PC, giving you access to the rom file.

EDGE V. Korbolt5 years ago
 I can easily say that, but I just want to know incase of safety precautions with the law.
Korbolt (author)  EDGE V.5 years ago
the law regarding roms is a funny thing.
from what i can make of it, It is legal to have a rom while you physically own the game, while its illegal to own the just the rom. The rom dosent have to be taken from the cartridge to be legal, It can be downloaded.

The possibilities of being caught however are slim to almost none. The only thing you have to worry about are DS roms, Nintendo will hunt your ass down if they find out if you have any.
Everything else is relativley safe
EDGE V. Korbolt5 years ago
 great. Now nintendo actually does something about roms?
Korbolt (author)  EDGE V.5 years ago
only DS roms
even if you own them?
Korbolt (author)  arduinoer4 years ago
im sure they would crack down on it even if you own a hard copy
An Villain5 years ago
Nobody Cares. For some reason I find that really funny, but I agree with you.