Introduction: How to Run Android Apps on Your Pc

I will show you how to run android apps on your pc without programming, using codes, or downloading android emulators that doesn't work! All you need to to is download this software called bluestacks, and search for the app you want to download.
I will try and download the sphero app as a demostration.
The sphero app sometimes may not download due to pc performance.
but games like angry birds work just fine!
You will need.
A mac or pc, 
thats it!


EarlS7 (author)2016-01-07

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GokulanG (author)2015-05-14

install bluestacks app player . your pc now android

aazrhael (author)2012-11-19

Does other android apps work as well

NXTHacker (author)aazrhael2012-12-06

what do u mean by other apps?
All apk. apps will work and you can get all apps from the app store, of course you wont get a phone app or a game app that uses any sensors...but like angry birds it works fine

agis68 (author)2012-09-18

I learned something form this so it's an instructable. But what you mean rubbish PC? I mean tell us about the requariments of runnig shero on any PC...

NXTHacker (author)agis682012-09-18

by rubbish i mean slow. Try bluestacks anyway, it will still work, but it will be limited

NXTHacker (author)2012-08-07

Pls vote for me in the contests!

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