If you have DOS games and a Macintosh but not a windows PC, you can play them! No expensive software needed. I have not tested this out on any Mac OS lower than 10.4. I am sure it will work on OS 10.4 and above.

This instructable only details software games. If you have something on a floppy disk then you'll need hardware to put it on.

Step 1: Get a game

There are several games floating around on the net. I decided to use freedoom to play. Freedoom is a .wad file, so you need another program to run it. I used Boom 2.02 becaue it works in DOS. I've not tested it on windows, but I'm sure it'd run fine in either DOSBox on Windows or in Command Prompt.
<p>don't you mean doom instead of boom </p>
I use an old MYM (MS DOS) program for all my finances, on a PC Windows XP. <br>Can I transfer that to my MAC 10.8?
<p>yes but I'm not sure why and yes I know this posted 3 years ago </p>
It is available for other operating systems such as Linux also. I used Dosbox to check out old qbasic programs before I ported the software to linux.
DOSBox is great for Windows 7 as well if you want to run full-screen DOS applications as full-screen DOS modes are not supported by Win7.&nbsp;<br> It's mainly promoted for games but I use it for a stock data scanning application I wrote many moons ago. &nbsp;

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