Picture of How to run old DOS programs on a Mac
If you have DOS games and a Macintosh but not a windows PC, you can play them! No expensive software needed. I have not tested this out on any Mac OS lower than 10.4. I am sure it will work on OS 10.4 and above.

This instructable only details software games. If you have something on a floppy disk then you'll need hardware to put it on.

Step 1: Get a game

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There are several games floating around on the net. I decided to use freedoom to play. Freedoom is a .wad file, so you need another program to run it. I used Boom 2.02 becaue it works in DOS. I've not tested it on windows, but I'm sure it'd run fine in either DOSBox on Windows or in Command Prompt.
Beekhuis2 years ago
I use an old MYM (MS DOS) program for all my finances, on a PC Windows XP.
Can I transfer that to my MAC 10.8?
It is available for other operating systems such as Linux also. I used Dosbox to check out old qbasic programs before I ported the software to linux.
AndyGadget3 years ago
DOSBox is great for Windows 7 as well if you want to run full-screen DOS applications as full-screen DOS modes are not supported by Win7. 
It's mainly promoted for games but I use it for a stock data scanning application I wrote many moons ago.