Step 5: Releasing the vacuum of the CRT

Picture of Releasing the vacuum of the CRT
Get the nail or small object to break the point where they originally removed the air (vacuumed) from the CRT.

If you want to be extra careful, but a blanket over the monitor and break the fill point.

Tap the nail in with whatever you want, when you hear it start hissing that means you broke the vacuum, once the hissing has stopped you can do whatever you want with the parts.

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logamuthu2 years ago
Very clear exposition of a daunting job. Kudos!!
RefStone4 years ago
Nice intructable, someday I'll do a follow up on using the parts if there isn't one already.

There is one piece I really like for non-electrical reasons. You can see (step 5) a metal ring going around the tube, just below the green topper, with a bolt through it (the bolt is at a tangent to the green circle, on the bottom left). This thing can be really useful. I keep one on my belt loop to hold a standard plastic bottle at my waist. It just pops in and out, no adjustment necessary, once you get it right.

Be well.
drresearch5 years ago
Why do you have to break the CRT? Can't you leave intact?
thermoelectric (author)  drresearch5 years ago
As you already got a answer, I don't need to answer, but I want to. You can leave it intact, but filling it (getting rid of the vacume (I still can't spell that), reduces the risl of implosion etc.
mason01905 years ago
isnt there like radiation or summin in der!?
thermoelectric (author)  mason01905 years ago
No, unless you call the poisionous lead and phosphors radiation...
joinaqd6 years ago
nice.i gave you a 5 star
thermoelectric (author)  joinaqd6 years ago
Thanks :-)