How to Safely Set Your Hand on Fire





Introduction: How to Safely Set Your Hand on Fire

WARNING! There is some risk involved in this trick, make sure you have some means of extinguishing yourself handy. This is NOT a good trick for children. And as always, use common sense ;)

What you will Need: Hand sanitizer, matches, bowl of water or sink.

step 1: put a good coat of hand sanitizer on your hand

Step 2: light it on fire with the match

step 3: Your hand will escape getting burned for a second or two while the fire burns the sanitizer away, once that is gone then it will start to burn you, give you hand a shake to put it out or use water.



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Are there other things you can use that will prevent the burn for longer?

It is safe as long as you use your head. Don't be drinking and do this as alcohol is flammable, the longer lasting the flame the higher the alcohol content.

It does work and I could make it last 10 seconds.

You can pretty much use any flammable aerosol to do this. The trick is to make sure you apply a thick coating and have a wet towel handy to extinguish the flame. I have done this too many times to count & have only been burnt once. The 1 time I did get burnt was when the friend who was supposed to throw me the towel (when i called for it) panicked & froze.

it is so cool i tried it AND IT DIDN'T HURT AT ALL until 4 seconds later

did it hurt?????

If you had to say that it's going to burn your hand, it's not safe.

I find it ironic that someone with the word 'pyro' in their username is concerned about getting burned. This is completely safe, and the flame is easy to extinguish.

I vaguely remember doing something as a kid (a VERY long time ago) that involve mixing meths (denatured alcohol) 50/50 with water then setting it alight.
I'm guessing that the alcohol burned off leaving enough water on the hand to protect it.
Experiment first - Like I said, it was a long time ago andI may well have got the proportions wrong! But it did work...

I just did it twice. you honestly have 2 secs befor it starts to burn but us is safe if you know what your doing

Yay... lets have all the little kids to try this with their faces.... JK. No this idea is awesome but I'm afraid that I might not have a hand after I try this.... Maybe I should wear a rubber glove?? :D

I think that would be a bad idea - imagine the glove catching fire, it would not be a very pleasant experience. You can put your hand in a bowl of water either way, but given the choice, I'd prefer to do it without smoldering rubber fused to my skin ;).

As for the instructable, I like the idea, but I don't think I'll try it anytime soon for safety reason - and not to give the kids wrong ideas ;).