Introduction: How to Save a Dry Highlighter Lifehack

Highlighters, whether new or old, sometimes become dry. You know them, screeching on the paper, barely doing anything. Today I will show you a very simple way to save your highlighter!

Step 1: Step 1 - Notice Your Highlighter Is on the Fritz

Picture of Step 1 - Notice Your Highlighter Is on the Fritz

Easy enough, you get annoying results like these:

Step 2: Setp 2- Save It!

Picture of Setp 2- Save It!

Simply dip the tip of your highlighter in a bit of water for a few seconds (2-3 should be enough). I used my water-cooler`s drip pan for this because I was at work and did not want to colour my tea .

Step 3: Step3- Wait 10 Seconds

Wait a few more seconds (5-10) for the water to run up into the highlighter and for the tip to dry a bit (as it is now dripping).

Step 4: Step 4: Test and Enjoy!

Picture of Step 4: Test and Enjoy!

Test it! it should now work. It should now work perfectly!

If not, I recommend the Uni Promark View highlighters (USA / Canada)


Shruti13 (author)2016-03-11

Worked perfectly for me !

MakinThings (author)Shruti132017-09-14

Nice, thanks for the picture :)

MakinThings (author)Shruti132016-03-11

4 out of 5 so far, not bad! :P

EdmundN3 (author)2017-05-15

It worked perfectly! Thanks!

N'TeashaB (author)2017-02-27

Worked perfectly, thanks so much!

JuliefeC (author)2016-09-04

It immediately worked! Hope i had read this post sooner. I could have saved a lot of my highlighters. I just forget to put their caps back on especially when i unintentionally fell asleep while studying ??

Brandon.1 (author)2016-06-14

Ruined my highlighter.

MakinThings (author)Brandon.12016-06-15

ruined a dead highlighter....?

TrishC16 (author)2016-04-12

didn't work for me. Actually made it worse. It was worth a shot though.

AronL (author)2016-02-27

Didn't work for me on any of my highlighters :(

MakinThings (author)AronL2016-02-27

They must have been very dry then!

Could it be that they are the ones filled with liquid (no sponge), and have a 1 way ball valve (kind of like a pen)? If not, and they are felt-tips, you could try setting 5ml of water in a small cup and let it sit until it soaks up, and then let it sit for a while so it spreads. If that does work though, keep in mind this will not work for ever, eventually you will run out of pigment. Let me know how it works!

AronL (author)MakinThings2016-02-28

It didn't work :(

MakinThings (author)AronL2016-02-28

that's a shame :(

AronL (author)MakinThings2016-02-27

Gonna give it a try overnight. They're all felt-tip, so hopefully this will work. Thanks for getting back to me!

Shawnpoirier24 made it! (author)2016-02-08


haha, I love how it counts as a "I made it" :p

HanhB1 (author)2015-10-06

Thank you. This helped me out a lot

MakinThings (author)HanhB12015-10-06

glad it helped one person in two years ;) haha.

nicsannac (author)MakinThings2015-11-02

it helped me

MakinThings (author)nicsannac2016-02-08

thanks for the feedback :)

TyrondaC (author)2015-10-22

How do I get to the post

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