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Introduction: How to Save a Lots of Money!

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Are you tight on money? Do you don't have enough money? The bills that you need to pay are coming? Then you need my advic, now, go to what you can save to?

Step 1: What You Can Save To?

The list of saving you can change?

New Game - 2nd Hand Tested Game
New Game System [Console] - 2nd Hand Game System [Console]
Controlled Airplane - Paper Airplane
Market - Charity Shop
Normal Food - Price Reduced Food
Sweets - No Sweets
Extras - No Extras
Toys - 2nd Hand Toys


Step 2: What in There That We Left That We Could Have Use or Eat?

Bread Sides - If you eaten the bread sides, you will save some money and you will get more full filling.

Apple Middle Bits - If you eaten the middle bits of the apple, you will save some money and you will get more full filling.

Bubble Wraps - Use bubble wraps as covering future chinas and glass thing.

Step 3: What Can I Do With Any Bills?

What you can do is to make a money bank or buy one, then put left over moneys and some money you will don't need and follow the instrution at: What you can save to? and What in there that we left that could have use or eat?

Step 4: Get Free Things!

At the newspaper [Not all ways] you had a coupon or something at inside a newspaper, such as lightbulb, lego, DVD, CD or food! In this way, you can save more money! But you need to buy a newspaper or not.

Step 5: Use Paper Than Lego!

I can really like to make the house out of lego! BUT I can make the house out of paper and save a lot of MONEY! Choses paper.

Step 6: Money Bank!

If you have a money bank, then use it to save money!



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