Another battery tip from cool knex13 this one is for PSP.

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Step 1: Brightness

This can really suck your battery.
Turn the brightness on the lowest it can go. 
these are the three stages.

Step 2: Headphones

Use headphones more often

(Sorry did not have much information on this one!)

Step 3: UMD

Take the UMD out when you are not using it because every time you go past the "games" folder it will fire up the disk.

Step 4: WLAN

Putting the WLAN to power save really helps to save battery when you are outline.
Go to
Settings > power save settings > WLAN power save > turn on.

Step 5: Auto Sleep

Auto sleep is very useful when you forget to turn your PSP off.
Go to
Settings > Power save settings > Auto sleep > 5 minutes (Recommend).

Step 6: Back Light Auto-off

This is good for when you are listing to music the screen just tuns off.
Go to
Settings > Power save settings > Backlight auto-off > 2 minutes (recommend).

Hold the screen button to turn off the screen. (This dose not shut down the PSP)
Press any button to get the screen on.

Step 7: Other Battery Tips!

Need more battery tips?

How to save battery on iPod touch/iPhone:http          //www.instructables.com/id/How-to-save-battery-on-iPod-touchiPhone/

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