Introduction: How to Save Pages on the Internet Wayback Machine

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Here is another short tutorial on Windows...I'm pretty sure this tutorial works for Mac and PC, but I may be wrong.

This is how to contribute to the giant Internet library on the Internet, the Wayback Machine.

Step 1: Find Your Wanted Site

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Find the site you want to archive, and go to the top bar. Drag your mouse across it until it's blue and press "Copy".

Step 2: Paste

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Press "Paste" and then press "SAVE PAGE", then it will take you to a loading screen.

Step 3: Wait and Done

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Wait and in a couple seconds it should save and be done. Congrats, now people can go to that page in the future!

This is kinda short, but it is pretty easy to add a page to the site.

Step 4: Links


andrewb26 (author)2015-03-23

This is great for saving a single page thank you, how about a whole website, do you know how to do that?

Apparnetly this service can do it, have you used it before?

THEJJRAT (author)andrewb262015-04-22

Nope. I never used it.

I don't think you can save an entire WEBSITE, but contributors can add up pages to a website to the Wayback to make an entire website. As in, the Bionicle page is a full website because the fans added every page.

THEJJRAT (author)THEJJRAT2015-05-15

But, there may be other programs out there that can save hole pages. But as far as I know, Wayback is the only one legal.

walkernstan (author)2014-12-03

Sorry, where do you 'paste' to?

THEJJRAT (author)walkernstan2014-12-03

The blank bar under "Save Page Now"

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