video How to save water
An easy way of saving water with your everyday shower
Jacobdad041 year ago
Ha ha ha
Save water, shower with a friend, and make sure your safe while showering, shower with a lifeguard lol
theRIAA7 years ago
water really isn't THAT precious, it all recirculates. The only the only hard part is getting it into filtered tap water, so as long as you pay the water companies, there is really no harm being done.
shooby theRIAA7 years ago
Not many people live below sea level, and not many people live under ground. Sooo, to start with, the water you use is pumped into your house somehow. That uses energy. Also, every drop of it is chemically treated. That uses energy. We also can't survive without it. Exactly HOW non-precious is water,exactly? Nice instructable. You're a male with two functional legs, I'd recommend urinating in the sink to avoid wasting toilet water. I started doing that a little while ago, way more convenient.
haha, i'd warn houseguests before they ask why there are yellow stains all over your sink
Steamdnt shooby7 years ago
umm ok and the bleach you have to use to clean the urine stains is environmentally friendly?
shooby Steamdnt7 years ago
What bleach? I use baking soda then lemon juice.
Do like they do whilst on ship... get in get wet, water off, soap up, water on, rinse.. done, yay... ...wonder if people realize that the water we bath in today was dinosaur urine at some point...
along with the water we drink, cook with, inside our bodies, etc etc nothing to be worried about gamer-x ;D
sick did not need to know that
JeremyA7 years ago
Yes it all reciculates but how long does it take? were does it circulate to? What process goes into making it clean water again? Why give money to the water people if you don't have to? Why waste when you can conserve. Why do I always see the RIAA getting down on conservation?
blodefood7 years ago
theRIAA says: "... so long as you pay the water companies..."

Therein lies the problem and the reason why it is called wasting water.