This is a how-to guide for saying hi to neighbors on your street in Boston. Your neighborhood is probably filled with lots of transient residents, thanks to the hordes of students and younger folks in Boston (maybe this is you?). But that doesn't mean it can't be a neighborly place. Leaving your comfort zone and saying hi to the rest of the population can sometimes require a newfound confidence, but I learned firsthand that it feels really nice, and its contagious. This guide will help you with how to say hi to those random people on the street that are in fact, your neighbors.

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Step 1: Look Around You.

Being aware of your surroundings is a way to start getting more in touch with everyone in your neighborhood. Look at the people walking around you as friends you haven't made yet. When you're absorbed in what you're doing, it can get hard to distinguish these people as something more noteworthy than a mailbox. It will be easier to say hi to people if you see them as comrades.
lol? its easy You: hi Neighbor : hello :) there u go
Very beautiful smile!<br /> cheers!<br />
&nbsp;lol. this is a weird ible.
For this instructable, you will need: -yourself dont you also need a 'neighbour' for this ible to work? ;)
hahha that gave me a laugh
i have found it helps to have a cute little dog,too bad mine is not .

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