this is how to scare or prank your sister/brother like a pro. LOL

By the way this can only be used as a come back.
NEVER use this on old people because they might have a heart attack.

Step 1: Stalking

Choose your victim carefully and stalk him or her.

Make sure they dont notice you and become suspicious. BE CAREFUL lol.

Step 2: Where to Hide

Find a good spot to hide and make it so the victim will walk right into your path.

This always works with my sister because she always craps herself. lol

Step 3: Costume

get a good scary costume and make it as scary as you can. Kind of like modding it.


Step 4: Scaring Time

Now you are ready to scare the victim.

Remember not on old people.
<p>wow im a pro at scaring my friends and siblings</p>
haha nice!
its cool but my sister wont regret the day she had to wash skid marks out her pantys! LOL
This is what i do when im bored. lol

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Bio: I love knex and lego and hhhmmm aah i like listening to my ipod and singing(rap music and fuzzy music)lol
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