Do you have an old blender that doesn't work anymore? Are you thinking you should throw it in the garbage?

If your answer is yes to both the questions above, then think about this for a minute. 

If your a hobbyist like me, then surely there must be some parts on the blender that is still of some use. Perhaps you could make something with the switch provided that it still works or make an electromagnet with the copper wires hidden inside. Maybe you could even make the blender into an art piece. The possibilities are endless.

What will you do?

In this instructable, I will be showing you how you can scrap a blender and extract useful items from it that would have been discarded otherwise. I will be showing just one model in this instructable, so if your want to see the rest, you can click here to visit my website for the full article.

Step 1: Tools

For this instructable, these were the tools I used:
  • a flat nose pliers
  • a cutting pliers
  • a Phillips screwdriver
  • a flat nose screwdriver
I think the moral of this story is that there are parts available from almost all "dead" electronics. Scrap everything! (except used cat litter)

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