How to scratchbuild a Boba Fett costume- using cardboard!

Picture of How to scratchbuild a Boba Fett costume- using cardboard!
This Halloween I wanted to make a really cool costume but I had a very tight budget. So I looked around the garage and I found a couple of sheets of cardboard, some blue foam, plastic sheet, some brown vinyl, lots of various colors of spray paint, etc. I also had a flight suit from a previous costume.

The first thought that came into my mind was Boba Fett- the notorious bounty hunter from Star Wars. In costuming circles, Fett is considered to be one of the most difficult, time consuming and expensive costumes there is for a Star Wars character and a lot of people will say that a decent looking Fett costume can't be made inexpensively. I'd like to thank each and every member of The Dented Helmet- the best Boba Fett costume resource for all their help, advice, templates and reference material! Without these guys this never would have happened.

Here's how I made my Fett costume on a limited budget and in a short period of time.
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Step 1: Materials

You'll need:
two to three large sheets of cardboard- the sheets I used are called newspaper board (about 1/16" thick and measure 30" x 40") It's available at craft stores and picture framing shops.
hot glue gun with lots of glue
white glue
blue foam board (a section of 2x4 scrap lumber will also work)
sheet plastic- I used 1/8" thick Sintra for the armor (available from plastics suppliers and sign shops) and regular styrene ( for sale signs) for the jetpack missile
some velcro
cotton/canvas dropcloth- available at Home Depot for $10
cotton clothsline- 40ft. or so, about 1/4" diameter
belt buckle (any kind will do but the plastic click lock kind work pretty well)
flight suit- grey is preferred but I had a tan one on hand
lightweight spackling paste
small can of Minwax Polycrylic sealer
aluminum soda cans (four of them)
dark green fabric dye
dark tinted plastic for the helemt visor
spray paint- one can of the following: white, red, olive green, burgundy, black, blue, silver, yellow

There are also several templates that you'll need. This have been graciously provided by Alan (Wizard of Flight) of The Dented Helmet board. All of these templates can be also be scaled down so that a children's costume can be constructed.

Armor templates are here- they are in zip format and they come in three different sizes:

Knee templates are here:

Jetpack templates are below.
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mcorbin4 years ago
wow. looking at all the detailed steps building the's really quite amazing. Thanks for the instructable.
lysa6134 years ago
hey your costume is great fantastic job im in the middle of making my own thanks to WOF and those impressive templates. I would like to know what kind of cardboard you used . and how much spacling is needed for armour pieces
Honus (author)  lysa6134 years ago
The type of cardboard I used is called newspaper board- it's primarily sold at craft stores and shops that do picture framing. You really don't need much spackling- it's just there to smooth out seams and rough spots.
Nihkoute4 years ago
Just finished the armor parts. Thanks alot for the templates.

What kind of material did you use for the helmet's visor?

Keep up the good work I'd be glad to see the boots, gloves and gauntlets coming.

With best regards from Germany ;)
Honus (author)  Nihkoute4 years ago
Glad you like it! I just used some clear visor material (from a safety visor) and tinted it with auto window tint film.
kmcauley2 years ago
i all done step 4/
kmcauley2 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
Honus (author)  kmcauley2 years ago
If you lightly mist your cardboard with water it can make it easier to bend.
kmcauley Honus2 years ago
thank you
and would you know how to make boba fett's blaster?
Honus (author)  kmcauley2 years ago
I never made the blaster but you might check on as I'm pretty sure I've seen templates there before.
kmcauley Honus2 years ago
thank you i will
bravo09232 years ago
would pop bottles be ok to build the jet rocket? I'm stummped
Honus (author)  bravo09232 years ago
I'd say use whatever you can find!
bravo09232 years ago
How wide is the back pack and how high without the missile on top? How tall is the missile? Reason for asking is I am 6 foot 1/2 inches tall and my shoulders are 58 inches across.
Honus (author)  bravo09232 years ago
I don't know the overall dimensions- I gave my costume to a friend several years ago so I have no way of measuring it. I do know that the patterns are dimensioned from the movie jetpack and the actor that played Fett is 6 feet tall so you should be just fine.
hey guys, if worst comes to worst, you could always just grab some 14 gauge aluminum sheeting, cut it out, and dish it a bit to fit your frame.
lucydavi3 years ago
Quick question, is the backplate attached to the flack vest? if so how did you do it?
Honus (author)  lucydavi3 years ago
It's attached to the flak vest using snaps.
lucydavi3 years ago
Whats up! Im almost done my Boba Fett costume for Halloween! I honestly couldn't have done it without your tutorial Honus. I just need to do the Boots, Gloves, Blaster, and attach the Cod Piece and back belt to the suit. I finished the jet pack today, and it turned out amazing. I'd just like to thank you for taking your time to put up this tutorial, It really helped me out alot!

I'll post pictures soon!
Honus (author)  lucydavi3 years ago
That's great! I'm so happy that the instructable helped- can't wait for the pics of the finished costume. :)
I'm pretty much finished with my jet pack. I'm twelve and i'm making the empire strikes back version which is green. I did this just by the pics of yours.
I haven't done the thrusters yet.
Honus (author)  MandolorianFan3 years ago
That's great! Make sure to post photos when you're finished!
I just made my armor out of cardboard which isn't the best but couldn't get the
sintra sheet but it still looks pretty good.
minerug4 years ago
I'm going to try and make this out of 0.8mm steel in the holidays, I'll post pics when I'm done.
PS I'm on thedentedhelmet as well
Honus (author)  minerug4 years ago
Wow- that will be quite the project! I once made a proton pack wand from steel and I think it took me around 30 hours...
minerug Honus4 years ago
I estimate the jetpack will take about 2 0r 3 days, The helm the same due to the bends, 1 day each for the gauntlets, 1 day for the platebody and knees.

That's only if the steel supplier replies to my product inquiry!
The Jamalam6 years ago
hey, what about the gun?
Honus (author)  The Jamalam6 years ago
I never got around to making it.
minerug Honus4 years ago
Is there a template for the gun? Thanks.
Honus (author)  minerug4 years ago
I don't know of one.
oh, ok then
roragul4 years ago
did you finish the gauntlets and every thing al ready or not i would like to see how you can make cardboard gauntlets :P
Honus (author)  roragul4 years ago
I never made the gauntlets but you can find all the templates here:
Musicman414 years ago
Is it just me, or does the jump pack seem too brightly colored to match the rest of the costume?
Honus (author)  Musicman414 years ago
It is a bit bright- but that's the paint I had. :)

It should look more like this:
Ya, It looks a little too much like Buzz Lightyear
SirNoodlehe4 years ago
Its extremely cool and I'm making it I just noticed that you don't have kneepads, ankle pads or wrist armour but it still looks great
Hello, whats is the PDF print % to the jetpack? 100% or 730%?.let me know thanks........
Honus (author)  snowaure4 years ago
Just print it at 100%.
Honus (author)  SirNoodlehe4 years ago
Yeah, I was going to finish all that but then I gave the costume to a friend in need.
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